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  • Empowerment Case Study

    Some people are oriented toward very short time horizons where they think in terms of minutes and hours- a short time horizon (W&C, 53). Other people think in terms of months and years – a long horizon (W&C, 53). These differences were solved through proper planning, congruent communication, and clearly defining roles and responsibilities. The team also incorporated both task facilitating roles and relationship building roles in order to meet goals (W&C, 423). By being both supportive of each other and displaying task facilitating behaviors the team was able to produce quality work and work within all prescribed time…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh's The Scream

    have some type of physical texture from the way the paint dried. This work is an oil painting. The different paints seem as if they swirl within each other, especially in the water and sky. Pattern: Pattern is more clear through the way the work was painted, as opposed to obvious repetitive patterns. The work loosely reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh's works. The style is similar to his Starry Night, where each brush stroke is clear, and the different colors of paint are immersed within each…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Emergency Preparedness

    opted to conduct my rhetorical analysis and evaluation on the Emergency Preparedness poster from the Ad Council. The print ad or poster in question shows a town that a tornado has ripped through, with markers showing where members of a hypothetical family are located. The message of this particular ad piece is quite simple, in the event of a serious emergency; know where your family is. This in itself speaks to a need in all of us to be connected to our loved ones, especially in a time of…

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  • Linear Perspective Drawing Essay

    Now is the time to create the top plane by drawing lines that converge (tend to meet in a point or line; as lines that are not parallel) into the vanishing points. Measure the distance between the front corner of the cube and its top sides (the one you just create in the previous step, including right and left), this length should be between 0.7 and 1 inch and then make a mark. This next step is difficult, so please read carefully; the cube is divided between the left and right side. After…

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  • Moon Illusion Lab Report

    earth and moon did not change, the size of the moon appeared larger in the horizon but smaller at zenith. The debate of explanation behind this illusion had never stopped. Starting from as early as 330 B.C, Aristotle had discussed the moon illusion and explained it as effect of atmospheric phenomenon occurred close to the horizon (J. T. Enright, 1975). Later advocate of this reasoning stated…

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  • Sailing With The Sun: Painting Analysis

    It was created in Boca Raton, Florida in 2015. Afremov is a Russian-Israeli artist who mainly works with palette knifes and oils. He is a self-representing artist who only sells his artwork over the internet, although he does have artwork in galleries and sells to dealers. He paints mainly landscapes, city scenes, seascapes, flowers, and portraits. The majority of his work is very colorful and flows throughout the page. All of his painting reflect the certain personal memories and emotions that…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Daughter To The Sky

    would flow from a crisp blue to a subtler shade of purple. Passionate pinks and oranges would come just out of that finally resting upon a vibrant yellow source. I caught myself thinking once, “This looks exactly like a painting.” Yet, I was quick to remember that such a painting could only be based on what was right in front of me since Earth is the original artist. The lower the sun slipped, the more intense the colors became until the horizon swallowed the sun and yellow turned to orange.…

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  • Art Analysis: Design And Composition

    when you look deeper, there you would find them like fireflies in the trees. The horizon line for me is the table on which the rocks rest, the rocks are above the eye level of the viewer. 4. Content - What do you think the artist is trying to say? What Essential Elements of Art* are used to support what you think the artist is saying? Ms. Thi’ s earthwork expressed simplicity and strength. It seems like the artist in her would like to give the viewer the feelings of serenity and boldness at the…

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  • Spock's Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

    Barrier. However, after traveling through thick clouds of interstellar gas and intense electrical discharges, both ships emerge at the center of the galaxy, unscathed. Rather than the super massive black hole suggested by modern theorists, they discover a new planet. While I am deeply fascinated by the adventures of Star Trek, it is, after all, fiction. Humankind has only barely begun to explore beyond our own small, fragile world – exploration similar to that depicted in Star Trek is still…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Northern Invasion

    Northern Invasion was the time of my life. I haven’t stopped thinking about how awesome it was even though it was a couple months ago in May. There were forty bands over the course of two days and of course I tried to see as many as I could. I still can’t believe I actually saw some of my most favorite bands. Here are some stories about what it was like during four of those bands. One of the first bands of the day that I loved was Asking Alexandria. They were playing at the third stage which…

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