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  • John Milton's Sonnet Analysis Essay

    Although many scholars argue that “Milton writes sonnet [nine] to console and encourage [his lady friend, but] carefully eschews giving any advice [and only] pays her the compliment of merely describing with satisfaction what she has done,” (“Variorum Commentary”, Bush) this is one of many interpretations. The idea that Milton “consoles” and “encourages” his lady friend to be part of a religious institution is only visible on a surface level scan because if one reads in between the lines, he can see that Milton writes with his tongue-in-cheek. That is, Milton writes this sonnet out of pity for his lady friend because both the poem’s tone and allusions produce a left-handed praise in regards to her involvement with a religious institution. Also, the idea that Milton “eschews” himself from giving advice is misleading because near the end of the sonnet, the speaker voices his opinion on the lady’s devotion. Therefore, what scholars refer to, as Milton’s “encouragement” and “condolences,” is a mock-spur because the poem has a ring structure in which every encouraging-aspect comes with a negative double-entendre. “Lady that in the prime of earliest youth,/ Wisely hast shun’d the broad way and the green,” (1-2, Milton). The speaker presents the readers with a depiction of a young lady whom blocks out sinful destruction and (sexual) desires; that is to say, the maiden chooses to devote herself to a religious institution rather than live an immoral life. First, there are several…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Theatre Changed My Life

    I was taken to a place that would change my life forever and theatre transformed to the place I call home. Thoughts and ideas flooded my mind as I stepped into the off-green colored cafeteria. Memories of small theatre camp productions popped up and filled me with both excitement and anxiousness. Knowing I had participated in some…

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  • Importance Of Tour On Campus

    Characteristics 5- Excellent 4- Above Average 3 - Average 2 - Below Average 1- Poor Points Earned Comments Tour Route, Length, and Coverage of Campus The tour route is extremely well organized and uses time with maximum efficiency. Relative to campus size, the tour covers the maximum amount of campus possible. The tour ends in perfect length of time. The tour route is well organized and uses time well. Relative to campus size, the tour covers a significant portion of campus. The tour ends at a…

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  • Bullying: A Poem Analysis

    just don’t care. When something is wrong, people do not say anything for fear of being judged or getting in trouble. When all the facts do not add up, people turn a blind eye. The list could go on and on, but the point is, this kind of behavior is unacceptable, and people should learn to speak up. I learned this lesson the hard way. Unfortunately throughout my time in middle school, I was chronically bullied, especially during my 8th grade year. The offenses would be both verbal physical.…

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  • High School Time Management Process Analysis

    many things from longs lectures, ridiculous amounts of homework, excessive essays and huge classes, but to my surprise the whole atmosphere is very similar to high school. As a result, the transition has been very smooth so far. How have I been able to make these adjustments you say? Well let’s find out! For starters, a big part of my success has come from my SLS class. The techniques I’ve learned so far have been beneficial in all my classes. For example, coming out of high school time…

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  • Breann Powell's Role In Occupational Therapy

    Breann Powell is an eighteen year old female and she is currently an Occupational Therapy student at Worcester State University. For this profile she filled out a “time study” that she recorded her activities for four days, an interest check list that she labeled different activities as a casual interest, a strong interest, or no interest, and she took a life balance inventory which gives life balance scores based on what she is interested in and how often she gets to do those things. Roles and…

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  • Monique And The Mango Rains Analysis

    Rains there are many situations that affect people, especially the health of women. All this involves the care, the place, among other things that are not favorable for them. To give you a better deal for patients Giger and Davihizer decided to make a proposal of the six phenomena which are: Biologic Variation, Social Organization, Time Orientation, Environmental Control, Space, and Communication. Transcultural nurse need to be able to use the six phenomena because is more effective when…

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  • How To Write A Reflection About Me Essay

    Prior to taking the test I have been well aware of how I felt when working with others. I took a Evidence Base Program for my department called “Thinking for A Change”. It was after I took that class and got trained to facilitate the program I made myself more aware of thinking about my actions and thinking about how others are feeling. I think for me to be a better employee I need to have a better understanding of what my co-workers need from me. I also need to learn that I cannot fix…

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  • Reflection Of The Glass Castle

    and completely different. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that someone who is fairly famous and someone who has no significance in this world can be alike in many ways. Having read this book a few years back, it was actually helpful to me. It may have been helpful in the most indirect way possible, but helpful nonetheless. The Glass Castle had a small part in helping me through my problems with depression and anxiety. It is very hard for me to write about this in many ways. 1,…

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  • Personal Essay: My Mother's Side Of My Family

    I do not know much about my family, nor do I talk to most of my family simply for the fact that they live far away and no one has time and because we are not close. My family 's name involves with the Kims and Wicketts. They are both German names. The Wickett name is German, Polish, Swedish, and Irish. The Kim name I believe is fully German. I do in fact know more about the Wicketts than I do Kims. My mom 's side of the family is the Wickett family. I don 't know much about family on this side…

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