How To Write A Reflection About Me Essay

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Our Personalities is what defines of us and affects us with how we interact with others. After completing and reviewing our test results will give us a better insight of we can prove ourselves personal and professionally. We will be able to develop better communication skills, leadership and team skills power and conflict skills once we able to see where we need to improve.

I scored high in all sections accept the last one. I agree with most of the results. I know that I am more comfortable doing things that I am familiar with. We have to describe myself I would say that I am an outgoing, dependable person and team player. I was a little surprised that I scored high in the Emotional stability because
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Prior to taking the test I have been well aware of how I felt when working with others. I took a Evidence Base Program for my department called “Thinking for A Change”. It was after I took that class and got trained to facilitate the program I made myself more aware of thinking about my actions and thinking about how others are feeling. I think for me to be a better employee I need to have a better understanding of what my co-workers need from me. I also need to learn that I cannot fix everything. At this time I am not in a manager role and I often find myself wanting to give my input on things that I feel are being done incorrectly. I have notice that I have develop a since of patients running short when I see people doing things that can be done better. For example; I have work in other departments that have eliminated the high use of paper by scanning and keeping documents electronic with electronic file not making multiple paper copies and keep the original in the offender’s hard file. Nonetheless I take with stride and make copies as I am told but all I see is wasted money in supplies and time. When I brought up my idea of making the copies electronic the feedback I received was that that takes too much time. As time has went on I have notice that each department operates differently and not all people are aware of the scan features that are offered …show more content…
A majority of the co-workers discourage me from doing so. I knew that I need to do for myself I need to assure myself that I could do something different. I prayed about and thought I would give it a try. I took a job working with the community doing mental health mainly with people that suffered from mental health and homelessness. I took the job because I told I would be helping people get in track to regain a residence the program provided clients with housing. I was not long after I started that I realized the agency was not helping clients but hindering the clients from progressing. The program was not providing housing but was charging the clients rent which was almost most of the pay they received. It was a struggle for me to work there because it weighs heavily on my morals. I left that agency to go with an agency that was just starting up. I decided to go with the new agency because she was helping out the clients with my current agency with receiving additional resources such as food. I knew in my heart that were I needed to be. I enjoyed working with the new agency and helping others which had always been my dream. After working with that agency I found myself laid off and not receiving unemployment. In a since I found myself and my family. Timothy 4:17, “But the Lord stood by me and strengthened me, so that through me the

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