The Importance Of Bullying In The Middle School

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“Don’t question authority!” they said. “Stop thinking everyone’s out to get you!” they said. “Sit down and shut up!” they said. Growing up in a society where statements like this are propagated has resulted in a shockingly docile population. In other words, there is a disgustingly large amount of people who just don’t care. When something is wrong, people do not say anything for fear of being judged or getting in trouble. When all the facts do not add up, people turn a blind eye. The list could go on and on, but the point is, this kind of behavior is unacceptable, and people should learn to speak up.
I learned this lesson the hard way. Unfortunately throughout my time in middle school, I was chronically bullied, especially during my 8th grade
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So I confronted my bullies and told them that I would take this issue to the administration if the bullying continued, and cut all the toxic people out of my life; soon the bullying stopped. I am a big proponent of the idea that everything happens for a reason and to this day, and even though standing up for myself that is still one of the hardest things I have ever had to do I have become a stronger, more confident and outspoken individual because of it. Now I do not let people, institutions, or anything push me around because I learned to speak up; I think the world would do well to learn this …show more content…
Speaking up and being honest about oppositions and questions you have about things is one of the most noble things that a person can do. Especially in 2016, when it is incredibly difficult to find people who care enough to be honest. It is likely that people from more conservative backgrounds would disagree, by saying something along the lines that it is highly impolite to speak about such things, and if you do not have nice things to say, not to say them at all. That kind of thinking allows people to harbor resentment, facilitates passive aggressivity, and allows issues to go untouched. People have a funny way about loving to complain about things, but when it is time to take action they o nothing. So to those those worshiping the social rules of the last century, my response is a quote from an unnamed person which I have carried with me since I heard it. “In order to change something we have to do something that we have never tried before, and speaking up is just that.”
Though people are not inclined to speak up for various reasons, people should step out of their comfort zones and reap the numerous benefits of speaking up. Don’t wait around for a painful experience to teach you this lesson, get out there and try it before something like that happens! So the next time you see something, say something, and most of all, don’t you dare sit down and shut up, instead, stand up and speak

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