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  • The Most They Ever Had Analysis

    The Most They Ever Had, written by Rick Bragg tells the story of hard working southern whites who even under harsh conditions went to work every day for what they felt was the best paycheck they ever made. The mill was more than work; it was family, life and salvation. It was baseball games, childhood pranks, poverty, singers, and love. From the mills of Greenleaf, to the textile union strikes, to President Roosevelt changing labor laws, the mills were a legacy of hard work. Americans worked hard, suffered lots and never complained. This was mill life and many still look back on that life as the most they ever had. This report will discuss the lives of millworkers from the early 1900s through 2006 when the Jacksonville, Alabama cotton mill closed. It will describe the hard working people of the mills in the south to the criminal owners and finally the memories that these hardworking Americans will have for generations to follow. When the mills first opened in the south in the early 20th century, they opened a new world and a new way of life but not a new amount of money. Mills were created in villages which also provided housing, grocery stores, local churches and schools. Even with the promised community the paychecks were minimal. This was…

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  • Thank You And You Re Welcome Analysis

    have.” Since reading this I have learned how to not let my wanting something get in the way of what I already have. I began to make a budget each and every month; if I couldn’t afford something that month, it would have to wait until the next month. I have found out that when I wait by the time the next month came, I would no longer want the item anyway. It has taken me many years to learn that what I currently have is more than good enough. My focusing too much on what the person next to me…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Follow Through

    The Follow Through “How could you have messed up so badly?” My mother’s words rang in my ears. “How could you have done this? You told me everything was fine!” After all those awful months, all the work, it was all for nothing. I wasn’t going to Berklee anymore. I had originally auditioned back in February of 2014, hoping I would be starting school in the fall of the same year. When I got my acceptance letter, I was ecstatic. Happy as I may have been, I decided I would postpone my…

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  • False Identity In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

    Further into the poem readers learn that the doe is pregnant. This adds dramatic sense to the story because, he would not just be moving the deer but he would be saving the fawn. This poem allows for readers to jump into the narrators shoes and decide, if they would take the easy way out, or the hard way. Although the hard way provides way more opportunity. Throughout the poem a lot of stanzas represent and symbolize much for than what is read. One example is in stanza ten “her side was warm,…

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  • Comparing Crawford And William Forester

    This is not only a tale of heart and hardship, but more like a tale of someone who is lost and is trying to find himself. Although there are some people trying to pull him down for example Crawford and William Forester. He struggles all throughout the movie. His own dad left when he was young and so he picked up a book. He started to write and get smarter. He just wanted some help to be shown the way. Even though all some people wanted to do is pull him down and Not let him have a future, let…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Want To Pursue A Career Path

    I realized that I could not just transition from a couch potato to running a 5k after running once. I had to be patient and learn how to pace myself. I had to find the perfect balance in my training so I could avoid pushing myself too hard and not pushing myself enough. Before this experience, I would always push myself too hard in my schoolwork and other activities I participated in. I would cram in studying the night before the test and get frustrated with myself if I did not understand the…

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  • Paper On Anger

    getting rear ended in your new car, or getting a C on a test test you studied really hard the night before. These hapless events seem unfair and creates reactions towards life, making us wonder, what did we do to deserve these inequitable happenings. However, these reactions can get the better of us and reward us with consequences we don 't want. 2 The main issue is our reaction, and most all of us tend to resort to one type of reaction, anger. Anger is a powerful…

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  • Budweiser Born The Hard Way Analysis

    Most recently, the presidential election of Donald Trump sparked revolt and protest all over the country. “Worldviews are not necessarily hegemonic and unchanging – they are perceived, interpreted and drawn on variably by people” (Frances, 2015, p.1). Commercial media during the Super Bowl took many opportunities to speak out on the issues concerning this country such as, immigration, and equality. Budweiser’s commercial titled, “Born the Hard Way”, follows the travels of a German immigrants’…

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  • Personal Narrative-Why?

    made my way down the hill that seperated our houses, I kicked rocks and thought about summer and all the things I wanted to do. As I aproched my friend, Sidney’s house, I walked in and saw her sitting at the kitchen table, with her head in her hands, as if she was a turtle trying to hide herself from the world. I knew something wasn’t right. Her eyes were stuffy and her face was splottchy and red, she had been crying but why? She stands up gives me a hug and slowly tells me what had happened the…

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  • Bullying: A Poem Analysis

    “Don’t question authority!” they said. “Stop thinking everyone’s out to get you!” they said. “Sit down and shut up!” they said. Growing up in a society where statements like this are propagated has resulted in a shockingly docile population. In other words, there is a disgustingly large amount of people who just don’t care. When something is wrong, people do not say anything for fear of being judged or getting in trouble. When all the facts do not add up, people turn a blind eye. The list could…

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