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  • Higher Consciousness

    Higher Consciousness, Christ Consciousness and Jesus I received an email from a reader questioning people 's ability to connect with higher consciousness and claiming that I have yet to be mentored by the true God--Jesus Christ. "You claim to teach the secrets of the soul, success, "finding oneself," ascension, etc. I believe you 've left out an important step and have yet to be mentored by the true God; you only promote the self-god of new age. How can I tell? Because if you had met Him, you would speak of Him and tell others of His glory. We can only rise so far in our own wisdom and that 's due to a pre-existing and self-perfected curse...the very crux of mankind 's disconnect. It 's called sin, and the solution to this sin-curse is remedied…

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  • Higher Education Inequalities

    Higher education is not the same experience for everyone, or is it likely to offer the same rewards for all. Clegg (2010, p. 93) claims that while higher education should be “widening participation and extending opportunities”, that instead, many higher education institutions “systematically reproduce inequalities of both experience and outcome”. This essay will argue that education, and especially higher education in Australia is not meritocratic, and that rather, the interconnected theories of…

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  • Higher Education Reform

    and transform in to Collegium. . “This wave of higher education reform is most often linked to the increasing need for efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness, not least brought about by the so-called ‘massification’, i.e. the heavily growing number of students enrolled in universities, said Degn, L., & Sørensen, M. (2015).” These developments have not just impacted the education sector but the country as a whole. Reader can use this piece as an inspiration to evolve, to be inspired that…

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  • Higher Education In America

    Higher education in the United States has evolved significantly from its colonial roots. Religious denominations prepared students for the clergy and civic leadership, today 's students can be found in wide variety of fields such as the sciences, arts, or social services. Higher education has also evolved in the area of access, formerly a bastion of the white male privileged elite, today 's campuses are dotted with students of varying ages and ethnic backgrounds.Higher education’s evolution in…

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  • The Pursuit Of A Higher Education

    The pursuit of a higher education is an asset that elicits individual economic mobility within the American society. It provides individuals with refined skills in their respective craft that they are able to apply in the workforce, thereby boosting personal, national and global economic growth. Despite the various manifest benefits that those in pursuit of a higher education may reap, the dramatic 1,120% increase in tuition fees in the past 30 years (Bloomberg Buisness, Jamrisko) has prompted…

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  • Underdeveloped Higher Education

    “Significant gaps persist in terms of access, enrolment, equality, pedagogy, assessment, quality control, academic professionalization, university management, curricula, program development, government relations, industry linkages, and social relevance” (Wiseman and Wolhuter 2013). As higher education had increased worldwide, the level of inequality between systems has enlarged all well. Nevertheless, impressive expansion and reform of higher education have taken place in Africa. Given the past…

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  • Higher Education Analysis

    Lang 1 Evan Lang Professor: Guerra English 101, 11:00am October 29, 2015 Essay 2 Up to the Individual Higher education is believed to be the only solution to must young people for accelerating in life, and without it they won’t be a successful individual, and to them it’s worth years of debt. They assume that when they get out of college, that they will be given an enjoyable, high paying job. Not only do they value their education enough to pay so much money, college students sacrifice time.…

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  • Higher Education Benefits

    Benefits of Higher Education: Why Students Should Attend College Many students throughout the years have debated whether or not college or another form of higher education is actually worth it. Some students make the decision to not attend a form of higher education, but just to continue straight on into a field of work. Other students make the informed decision to attend a college and receive a form of higher education. Both sides of this argument have valid points on why they feel that their…

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  • Higher Education Success

    Why is higher education the key to success? People agree with the fact that higher education is the key to success; however there are still many people on the opposing side who believe higher education is not always the key to success, though there are people on the opposing side, there are many reasons why higher education is the key. Higher education offers more jobs to choose from, improving an individual’s quality of life; in fact, higher education offers degrees not just leading into a job…

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  • Higher Education Cracks

    The Cracks of Higher Education Higher Education, a place where students are allowed to continue to be pushed through challenging material. This idea has recently came under fire during times where the burden of knowledge gets pushed further and further up the education system. This transfer has cause employers to not only look for degrees but nearly require them. The cost of this change has made some sort of Higher Education mandatory for a student to partake in. Although more schooling is not…

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