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  • Franklin D Roosevelt Characteristics

    The second and equally as important characteristic that defines a “Person of the Year” is Impactfulness. These people changed the world in their year and through their actions impacted it for better or worse.Time magazine people; Franklin D Roosevelt (34), Vladimir Putin, and The Protestor all changed the world in that year for better or worse and definitely made a lasting impact. Franklin D Roosevelt (34) was nominated for and seen as person of the year many times and there was no shortage of what he did in the world to change it. During his year Roosevelt made an impact on the American people helping them to get out of and grow from the Great Depression. With the New Deal and various other acts Roosevelt worked on immediate relief and was…

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  • The Role Of Black Women During The Civil Rights Movement

    The Civil Rights movement consider one of the most significant time in History for African American in the US. During the Civil Rights movement African-American women place a significant role. Some of African-American women take parts in helping desegregation in the southern communities. Many African-American women play a major role during the civil right movements. With the help of many black women the freedom fighters were able to make their voices be head all over the country. In my research…

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  • Activity 1: Gender And Sexuality: Pop And Pulp

    and Pulp The magazines I chose to represent list one for this assignment are People and Cosmopolitan and representative of list two are Vibe and Relevant. People magazine is a weekly magazine that showcases celebrity and human-interest stories. Cosmopolitan is a monthly magazine for women that features articles on relationships, sex, beauty, health and more. Vibe is a strictly online magazine that highlights R&B and hip hop artists, actors, and other entertainers. Lastly, Relevant is a…

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  • Beauty Standards

    constructed concept that has been around since the beginning of time. We set these ideals of what has to be perfect, according to society, and what is socially unacceptable. If a woman happens to be over a certain weight, she is fat according to society. We have put pressure on each other throughout the years and it has harmful effects to the people around us. Setting certain beauty standards that people feel they need to follow is going to hurt not only this generation, but generations to…

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  • Women: An Intersectional Analysis

    If you were to pick up a magazine off stands published in the 1930’s you would see a totally different image of the woman gracing the covers than the woman we see on covers today. Since then women have been constantly fighting for equality, smashing gender roles and expectations and embracing their sexuality. (Pittman 2015) The question is have magazines learned to adapt to the evolving woman or has it simply taped into another way for the male dominated society to exploit women? In a 2015…

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  • Significant Factors Influence A Young Person's Life

    Significant factors influence a young person 's life, according to longitudinal studies, parents, peers, and advertisements are the most influential (Kessler). Furthermore, young adults are influenced to smoke, drink, or experiment with some type of drug partly because of advertisements or the need to fit in with other peers. According to Mary H. Cooper, by the time American teens leave high school, a quarter of them are addicted smokers. Along with the number of youth smokers, nearly three-…

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  • Billboard Advertisement Analysis

    Advertising has been around for at least 295 years. The first advertisement published was in 1704. A newspaper ad that announced an estate that needed buyers ( ). How has advertisement changed through the years? It is now 2016. Social media has become the most popular activity for humans of all ages. The different opportunities companies have to advertise seem almost endless. Newspapers, television, billboards, social media, radio stations, and magazines are all choices that have the most affect…

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  • Blacks In Advertising

    “The generalization of Blacks and their culture has been in American society for a long time, may it have been positive or negative, Blacks and their impact in advertising has dated back to colonial years of America and still makes an impact today.” Looking at brands and ads from the 1800s to now, do Blacks feel offended? From blackface, to racial terms, offensive nicknames (Jiggaboo, Mandingo, Jezebel, Mammy & etc), stereotypes and images, advertising had held a negative light on Blacks for…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Control In The US

    the United States each year, gun control is one of the most rapidly growing problems in our nation. The right to bear arms was the 2nd amendment in our Constitution; so obviously to our forefathers this has been a very important ideal since the beginning of our nation. Without implementing some sort of law in the coming years, all citizens will soon be in danger. According to the National Institute of Justice, approximately 414,562 firearm incidents occurred in 2011. This is much higher than…

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  • Struggling In Reading

    Reading is a subject that I have struggled in since I was a kid. I have always been in lower level English and reading classes to try to catch me up, but it has never helped. If I have the option to read or not I am going to pick to not read 10 out of 10 times. The only time I will read a book or anything of length is if I have to for a class. Struggling in reading is not the only reason that makes me dislike reading. Reading as a hobby is not for me because when you read you are just sitting,…

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