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  • Uber Advertisement Analysis

    an advertisement for Uber popped across my TV. The advertisement was remarkable in a few ways. First rather than trying to encourage consumers to use their product, it was recruiting employees. Second, the campaign was built around the slogan “get your side hustle on.” I focus on two different ads for Uber. The first titled “It 's Time,” features a montage of clips of various individuals driving for Uber. The voice over tells the story of their increased earnings. The commercial opens with the question “what if your car could make you money?,” promises “extra cash whenever you feel like driving,” and notes that “you might already have a great job, but this is a new way to earn.” While…

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  • The Importance Of Physical Space In Libraries

    Social area is as if a break during long marathon (intense study) without leaving library, therefore comfortable and relax atmosphere in social areas are apparently important. Socialising is possible in libraries, and it is optional. Language Hub Area The increasing numbers of foreign students come to New Zealand to study these recent years. Language hub area provides resource to students to improve learning and practical use of foreign language, and it is a place for intercultural…

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  • Shared Knowledge

    Personal and shared knowledge differ in the quantity of individuals who posses this knowledge, as personal knowledge refers to the interpretation of knowledge by a single individual, whereas shared knowledge denotes the ownership of knowledge by a group of individuals. Shared knowledge can also be considered timeless as each generation may use the same shared knowledge, where as personal knowledge can only be used by an individual at a certain point in time. Because these two concepts share a…

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  • Too Much Technology

    depending on it too much? Scientists and even our everyday, ordinary person is coming up with new technology and inventions. Is technology a poison and a hazard to the youth of our society; or is it the bridge to a new way of life that can make things such as research, teaching, learning, etc., easier than it ever has been before? The technology…

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  • Why Are People Lonely

    increases mortality risk by 29 percent? This study was created by researchers at the Brigham Young University (Corbett). There was a kid that lived in Korea that played games all of the time. He forgot to eat, drink and do everything needed to live. While he was playing his game he collapsed and died on the spot from malnutrition. The reason he stayed on the computer so long was for the reason that he was exploring a different reality. He was exploring the one he wanted to be not his life that…

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  • Reflective Assignment Analysis

    The summative assignment I reviewed was incredible! I can’t believe a student was able to do that. I guess with a lot of dedication and effective use of class time can do that. For the next two and a half months I will have to use extremely good use of my class time. For this class time to be used effectively, I will have to do multiple things. This includes no distractions. I would need to focus on the work at hand, and not the people around me. I need to focus on myself so that I can strive to…

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  • Time Series Design Paper

    Time Series Design Components Time series designs are one of several ways that data can be looked at and collected when doing research on any particular topic. When doing your research, you want to choose the method of data collection that will best suit your study. For some, a time series design would be the best method, for others it may be a qualitative collection method. For the purpose of this paper the time series design method will be described and illustrated in its methods of use.…

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  • Care Learning Resources Essay

    While evaluating the situation of wandering it was far better than previous condition. The continuous monitoring prevented the risk of fall injury. The cases of fall were reduced, the technology helped in detecting the location of a person so it was less time consuming. The time duration of wandering was decreased in all 5 residents. The surveillance during meal time helped in maintaining the balanced diet in residents. This learning resource will be useful in all setting including hospital,…

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  • Lab Girl Rhetorical Analysis

    Hope Jahren has spent the majority of her life becoming one of the world’s leading specialists in geobiology. The extent of her knowledge makes her research extremely difficult to understand for most people. In order for her memoir, Lab Girl, to be compatible with a large audience, she describes her work in a way that a non-specialized reader can connect with. Jahren’s two objectives in her memoir are to make her academic work and thoughts accessible to a non-specialized audience as well as to…

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  • Definition Of Self-Efficacy

    that we would like to achieve. Conversely, often times, fear of the unknown or fear of failure can hinder our desires to fulfill those dreams and goals. Well, that is where self-efficacy falls into the picture. However, similar to self-confidence and self-esteem, self-efficacy is a term that relates to the thoughts and/or image of self. The psychologist Albert Bandura defines self-efficacy as the thoughts an individual may have in their own abilities regards of the situation and/or circumstance…

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