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  • The Heroin In Dorothy's The Wizard Of Oz

    Although Dorothy is not the typical heroin, since she is a young girl stranded in a foreign land, I believe that she is the heroin in The Wizard of Oz. Throughout her journey, Dorothy shows courage and sensitivity and in the process, manages to touch and change other characters’ lives for the better. Upon landing in Oz after the cyclone, Dorothy managed to kill the Wicked Witch who was clearly affecting the lives of others in a negative way. The munchkins were thankful and happy that she had arrived and helped them by ridding them of the Wicked Witch and therefore guided her to seek the help she needed from the Wizard of Oz. It was munchkins that set Dorothy on her journey on the yellow brick road. The first character she meets…

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  • Rejection Proof Character Analysis

    Rejection is very hard to overcome yet with Jia Jiang simple techniques he is able to overcome them and so are the characters from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. By overcoming insecurities, using self-improvement and having a clear mission they are able to overcome their rejection. Dorothy and Jia Jiang wife lifts Jia Jiang and the scarecrow up when their insecurities are too much to handle. The lion and Jia Jiang use overcoming fear to self-improve and the Tin Woodman and Jia Jaing use a clear…

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  • Morality In Black Beauty

    North who gives her the Wicked Witch of the East’s silver shoes and tells her to go to the Emerald city to ask Oz to send her home (Baum 13). The Witch tells Dorothy: “’[t]he road to the City of Emeralds is paved in yellow brick … so you cannot miss it”’ (Baum 13). Although Dorothy must follow the yellow brick road the trip is long. On her way, she meets three friends; the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion. They become her trip companions since they all want something from Oz as…

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  • Essay On The Wizard Of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz is a story of a girl named Dorothy and her pet dog named Toto. The two become lost when a cyclone carries them away, from their home in Kansas, to the beautiful, enchanted, magical land of Oz. Dorothy and Toto need help in getting back home. Along the way, and in so doing, they make enemies with the Wicked Witch of the West. And they make friends with the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion. The friendship helps the five to survive many adventures, and to make each…

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  • Juvenile Fantasy In Dorothy Must Die By Danielle Paige

    bother her. Amy Gumm is the outcast of her town. Left by her father, bullied by her school mates, and neglected by her drug-addicted mother: Amy longs for an escape from her miserable world. Just when Amy’s situation seems as though it could not worsen, a tornado sweeps through Amy’s trailer park. When Amy awakens, she discovers that she is in the world of Oz. This Oz, however, is not the Oz from Amy’s favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz. This is a dark Oz, ruled by princess Dorothy Gale. Dorothy…

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  • The Scarecrow Book Analysis

    Kansas girl who caught do anything, the Scarecrow, without a brain but full of great ideas, the Tin Woodman, lacking a heart but full of compassion, and the Cowardly Lion, who said he lacked courage but was brave at every turn. These characters set off on an adventure that saw them face and overcome obstacles at every turn, regardless of whether they were from the environment, animals, or people. This wonderful story captured the hearts and minds of its readers from the book’s publishing in 1900…

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  • Examples Of Courage In The Wizard Of Oz

    For instance, whenever the Tin Woodman started to cry, Dorothy was always there to help. For instance, “Dorothy had to wipe every tear carefully from his face with her apron, so his joints would not be rusted.” This example demonstrated how much Dorothy loved the Tin Woodman because she was always there for him. Whether it was something as small as making sure his joints wouldn’t rust or as big as taking him to get a heart from Oz. Dorothy truly loved and cared about him. Furthermore,…

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  • Urbanization In The Wizard Of Oz

    danger, she never worries about what is happening to her. One example of this is when Dorothy is in the cyclone; even though “the wind howled horribly around her…Dorothy sat quite still on the floor and waited to see what would happen” (Baum 4). Mind-cures deem feeling fear, worry, and anxiety is a “self-permitted suggestion of inferiority” (Leach 168). They live on the idea that thinking positive, positive things will happen. So it makes sense that Dorothy can just fall asleep in the middle of…

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  • Dorothy Must Die Literary Analysis

    for magic. Pretty soon nothing was enough for her. The more she got, the more she wanted.” This shows that Dorothy became obsessive and manipulative once given power, which destroyed her reputation and Oz. The responsibility and authority Dorothy was given along with her unhappiness when she arrived back home in Kansas resulted in Dorothy wanting to have control over everything. She brainwashed her friends into mining for magic and hurting innocent monkeys making her the obvious villain to all…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On The Wizard Of Oz

    is portrayed as a dream and a hallucination caused by a head injury. Within this dream people in her life from the farm, show up as characters in the dream. By making a connection with the similarities and resemblance of the farm hands, with Dorothy’s companions in Oz, the Tin Woodman, The Scarecrow and The Lion, this provides credibility that these creatures were in fact created via dream. Furthermore, this is proven when Dorothy awakes in her own bed with familiar faces around her she notices…

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