Rejection In Oz And The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

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“We might not have the freedom to control our situations, but we have the freedom to find meaning in every experience.” Rejection Proof Jia Jiang Rejection is like a hot stove once you touch it and get burned it leaves a lasting imprint on the mind to be cautious when near the stove, but will you let the fear of a hot stove keep you from cooking or will you overcome it and be stronger? In the book Rejection Proof, Jia Jiang wants to master the fear of rejection by constantly getting rejected and proving to himself and others that he is better than that feeling of being rejected. He practices rejection over a period of 100 days and by the end has basically concurred rejection. In the story The Wizard of Oz the four main characters are searching to find something important to them varying from; a heart, a brain, courage, and the way home. Throughout the book the characters are constantly battling rejection and overcoming it. The book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is similar to Rejection proof because of how the characters overcome insecurity, use self-improvement and having a mission.
First, the characters and Jia Jiang overcome the insecurities that come with bring rejected. “The problem with insecurity is that you start feeling like everyone might reject you, even
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Jia Jiang had asked a man for 100.00 dollars yet when the man told him no he got scared and ran away. Looking over the video Jian Jiang told himself “What a wasted opportunity. Fear had turned me into a mumbling idiot” (Jiang 27).In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz the lion said “I should have run myself I’m such a coward” (Baum, Denslow 31).Both Jian Jiang and the lion let fear rule their life and ended up losing out on opportunities. But instead of just focusing on that they wanted to self-improve. Jia Jiang started to ask why and the lion wanted to gain courage. In doing this neither of them would lose any more

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