Wizard Of Oz Book Analysis

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L. Frank Baum wanted to create an American fairy tale full of fantastical but heroic characters that connected with his readers. He created Dorothy, the Kansas girl who caught do anything, the Scarecrow, without a brain but full of great ideas, the Tin Woodman, lacking a heart but full of compassion, and the Cowardly Lion, who said he lacked courage but was brave at every turn. These characters set off on an adventure that saw them face and overcome obstacles at every turn, regardless of whether they were from the environment, animals, or people. This wonderful story captured the hearts and minds of its readers from the book’s publishing in 1900 up until today. This universal appeal prompted Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) to create a movie version of the story. The movie was a fantastic success and has become a beloved movie classic. But in making that success the writers and director changed a great deal to make it their own. The characters were changed into sillier, funnier, and more incompetent versions of themselves. They lacked the self-sufficient nature that Baum placed at the center of his story. For this reason if L Frank Baum had lived to see MGM’s movie …show more content…
In his screenplays he was willing to compromise on somethings but never on the core of the story. In his script for the play rather than compromise on the Cowardly Lion’s bravery because the restrictions of the theater he has him just portrayed as a mute background character. MGM removed all of the obstacles that provided the basis on which Baum showed the heroic characteristics of his characters. So without the Kalidahs, Killer Trees, ditches, wolves, and crows the characters are left as flat, dramatic, and comedic shadows of their heroic competent book counterparts. As a result of all of the liberties that MGM took with the substance of his story, Baum would have not enjoyed The Wizard of

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