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  • Regina George In Mean Girls

    Adolf was a real person who caused real damage to many people lives and families for generations to come. Regina George on the other hand is not a real person. Regina George is the main antagonist in the hit comedy movie Mean Girls directed by Mark Waters and written by Tina Fey. Regina is seen as the main school bully belittling all the students around her in one way or another. Regina is a typical blond haired blue eyed beauty queen with a nice physique, popularity and money. Regina is the schools Queen Bee basically ruling over the whole school teachers and all. Regina uses her popularity status to lead over the student. Regina creates a Burn Book, which is about all the students and teachers, sayings rude or hurtful comments about them. The book eventually gets out to the student body and hurts many people. Adolf Hitler and Regina George are in many ways very different people but are similar in a variety of ways; Hitler and Regina both are seen as a supreme leader over a group of people, both have prejudice…

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  • Tina Fey Research Paper

    Tina Fey “There are no mistakes, only opportunities.” (Goodreads). Tina Fey grew up watching the TV shows Saturday Night Live and Second City Television. Fey’s role model was Catherine O’Hara. By the time Tina Fey was in middle school she knew she was interested in comedy. In the legacy unit people and groups made a big impact, everyone leaves a legacy, whether a bad one or a good one. Tina Fey has left a legacy of being a role model for women, she has inspired many women to do great things.…

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  • Tina Fey's Comedy Style

    Tina Fey Tina Fey is an actress, comedienne, writer and producer, probably known best for Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. Her well-rounded comedy style appeals to many people. Fey’s special style is one of the things that makes her considered to be one of the greatest comedians of all time. She was born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania and started comedy with an improv group called The Second City in Chicago. She went on to become a writer and performer on Saturday Night…

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  • Errol Morris Will The Real Hooded Man Please Stand Up?

    that they often reveal a particular message, or comment on a societal aspect. For some, these messages may be underlying, while in others, they are evident and transparent. This idea helps distinguishes differences in media. Photography is widely open for interpretation. In the case of Errol Morris’ “Will the Real Hooded Man Please Stand Up?” the lack of context and textual clues make it hard to discern what was true or what the photograph claimed to show. This idea of truth is a notion Morris…

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  • Mean Girls Movie Analysis

    Analysis of the Movie “Mean Girls” using Compliance Gaining Strategies and Nonverbal/Verbal theories In the movie ”Mean Girls”, many different communication behaviors appear in the movie whether it may be verbally or nonverbally this film portrays many of the interpersonal communications behaviors. This film is a satirical and comical movie portraying a high school with the typical “mean girls” clique and the other cliques for example the jocks, the nerds, the prep and more created in high…

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  • The Mean Girls Analysis

    In the movie called, “The Mean Girls” there is a character named Cady Heron. Cady Heron just moved to the United States from Africa. She has been homeschool her whole life and she was starting a new high school. In high school, Ms. Heron has to deal with teenage life that run socially by a group of artificial girls called, “The Plastics.” As the story goes on, Cady Heron winds up becoming the plastic’s queen of sorts and is dethroned by the old queen, when all of the students find out what these…

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  • Film Analysis Of The Critique Of Mean Girls

    Mean Girls is a film, which premiered in 2004 with starred major actress: Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Lindsay Lohan. The film begins with a sixteen-year-old girl named Cady Heron who just moved to Evanston, Illinois from a twelve year research trip in Africa with her parents. Cady begins her first day of public school, since she was homeschooled, and she meets a group of three girls who are very popular and they are known as the Plastics: Regina the Queen Bee of…

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  • Social Hierarchy In Mean Girls

    The genre of teen films was born in the 1950’s but became a fixture in pop culture following on the heels of movies from John Hughes in the 80’s. The genre of teen films encompasses movies that are directed towards a teen audience and are generally also about teens. They encompass essential components that reflect the teen experience: a defined social hierarchy that is usually disrupted during the course of the movie, conflict stemming from rebellion, and a romantic interest. All of these are…

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  • Groupthink, Conflict Management, And Comedy Film Analysis: Mean Girls

    Introduction: I chose the movie Mean Girls to analyze. Mean Girls is enjoyable to watch and displays topics discussed in class, such as groupthink, conflict management, and leadership issues. The movie is entertaining and humorous and any demographic can enjoy it. Mean Girls is a comedy film about a 16-year-old girl, Cady Heron, who moves from Africa to Illinois. Along with the move, Cady is also thrown into the wild halls of North Shore High School for the first time. Cady initially befriends…

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  • Mean Girls Film Analysis

    Introduction In the film, “Mean Girls”, a young girl named Cady Harson enters the American School system after being home-schooled in Africa. For the first day of school, she finds herself overwhelmed with fear being surrounded by so many teenagers in the school. She was introduced as a new student to the many different social groups, but she was especially introduced as one of the Plastics. The plot begins when Cady decides to take down the group’s leader, Regina George, in order to sabotage…

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