Fey And Poehler: A Feminist Analysis

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This sketch was one of the many moments Saturday Night Live as particularly feminist. Fey and Poehler, along with writer and performer Seth Meyers pointed out the fact that the way American politics was sexist; they were not going to remain quiet about, instead they pointed it out through a parody and got people thinking about the qualifications of the candidates rather than their sex. Another humorous feminist moment during the 2008 election was when Fey guest starred during a Weekend Update segment and called out people for calling Hillary Clinton “a bitch,” and, “along with heavily pregnant feminist bestie Poehler, turned her rant into a legendary tirade. She said yeah, Clinton was a bitch, and so was she, and so was Poehler, because “bitches get shit done”, turning an insult into a rallying cry” (Henderson). Fey and Poehler do so much for feminism, they do it with humor and sass but they get people thinking about women’s rights and get others to reassess how they view women.
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Humor is relatable, relaxed, approachable, and an effective feminist tool. Humor can “help those who are relatively less powerful cope with difficult or oppressive situations. This is partly because humor helps establish a feeling of group solidarity…confirming shared values and beliefs” (Bing).
The use of humor makes a person welcoming and makes others want to befriend him or her; humor is an essential feminist tool because it helps make feminism and calling oneself a feminist easier. According to Bing in her article titled, “Is Feminist Humor an Oxymoron,” “less powerful groups have effectively used humor to introduce new ideas to those who have closed their minds to anything that threatens or offers alternatives to an existing

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