Barry's Manliness Manifesto By Dave Barre

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There are many ways things can be humorous. To be considered humorous, however, a literature piece should have some aspects of humor in it. Dave Barry, an award winning author and columnist, wrote the very rhetorical “Dave Barry 's Manliness Manifesto”. Barry’s key to making his piece humorous was by using common humor elements; such as, satire and irony. Rachel Callman, a writer for Tosh.0, is the author of “Selfie’s Word of the Year Acceptance Speech,” which is a very satirical piece which depicts a stereotypical personification of the word selfie. Both of these pieces have some elements of humor, and are both quite humorous Humor can be dangerous, but for the most part, it has only brought people closer together. Not only can humor be used …show more content…
However, “Dave Barry’s Manliness Manifesto” had the perfect amount of irony in it. Irony and satire are a great combination to generate laughter, and Barry took advantage of this in his manifesto. Barry’s examples of what makes a man manly are quite satirical because of the constant mistakes in the instructions on how to do manly tasks (pages 146-151). A more precise example of the satire used in Barry’s instructions to make the perfect steak is when he mocks the dumb mistakes commonly made by men, or the constant drinking of beer. All e this adds up to be a humorous piece that anyone can laugh at. Barry’s piece can be appreciated by both genders equally because men can be mocked without consequence, and women like to point out all of the mistakes men make. Satire is probably the easiest aspect in humor to accomplish because it is easy to point out anybody’s flaws and turn them into segments of humor. Callman does a very good job of mocking the personality of her character selfie. The personification of Selfie was quite stereotypical, but accurate because of the type of language used in Selfie’s speech (pages). The phrases used in Selfie’s speech also generally fits in with this generation’s use of words. The overall structure and style of Selfie’s speech also fits this generation’s poor grammar usage, and repetition. Callman’s piece will more likely be funny to a slightly older generation because of the mockery of this generation’s youth. A lot of older people generally view the new ways of communicating as bad. However, back when these older people were young, even older people believed that communication was bad. In reality, younger people are more willing to change their ways of life because of

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