Satire In Aristophanes The Clouds

Comedies often provide laughter and entertainment while presenting social, political, philosophical, and theological ideas and problems. Within the comedy genre, satire presents itself in a form of sarcasm, irony and humor. It is the combination of entertainment and critique to criticize the ignorance of a person or society. It has a few elements: entertainment and critical reflection to awaken the audience and to address issues and questions. It does not seek to do harm, but it seeks the truth and its purpose is to create a reform (a change or improvement). To avoid the truth, people use the Inferior Argument, an argument created without facts and support to manipulate ideas and language, but created eloquently to convince others and succeed …show more content…
Aristophanes aimed to entertain the audience through satire and gave us warnings about truth. Education is part of an intellectual depiction to manipulate ideas and language which even rethink Strepsiades’ belief in the Gods as an elderly man. He challenges the nature of education and questions the audience on whether education is to become more highly, sophisticated and intellectual than other people or inform society with knowledge and to enhance it. He parallels Greek society with our future culture through the difficult parent-child relationship, along with the youth and elderly becoming a danger to society. In perspective, the Cloud exemplifies certain issues involve in American society. Many people refuse to examine certain beliefs like “the best interest” or “best moral” because they like to deny the truth like Strepsiades and his debts. They were given to him fair and square and he wanted a way to escape it through ideas of manipulations. When an idea is presented, people constantly convince others to hear their voice, but sometimes it can lead to breakthrough or doomed to failure like the ending of the play. The Clouds are a perfect example of how we easily re-examine our beliefs from influential people who use “Inferior Arguments” and it is hard to distinguish on what is truth and what is false. Without facts or support, we can easily fall into others’ depiction leading to our downfalls in

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