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  • Cop Killer Music Analysis

    scammers, Hittin ' off licks in the bando, Black X6, Phantom ,White X6 looks like a panda..., Pockets swole, Danny Sellin ' bar, candy... B*tch n@#$* pull up ya panty, Hope you killas understand me.” This is what producers are publishing out today but no one is saying anything about these lyrics not making sense and what horrible language being said. The time when people need to stand up about what is being on the radio, they do not. Sure it is not being taken serious but the artist states slang about illegal things that children can hear through the radio. “We must protect our children with choice, not censorship. Children need our help, and we must summon the courage to examine the culture that shapes their lives.” (Gore 15) This still has not taken affect since Tipper Gore published his article in 1988. Rising young rappers spitting poetic verses with odd beats was growing back in 1973. A trend leaving audiences in aw with what artists spoke, sparked up audiences minds and influence to create what we now call Hip-Hop. With time passing by, the Hip-Hop culture has changed throughout time. The structure of a Hip-Hop song grew as many rappers or artists trying to create there own way. An ingredient that is common for a song is profanity. With the audience in our time, many accept or don’t mind the dirty words being spoken to them. Though profanity did not start with the rappers setting the groundwork, the years of 1985 till now there has been an increase of using profanity…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Davis Guggenheim's 'An Inconvenient Truth'

    Vice-President Al Gore, is trying to make the public aware of global warming. Al Gore wants to let people know global warming is real, and is trying to persuade the world to do something about global warming. To persuade the world, Gore uses three rhetorical strategies: pathos (the use of emotions), logos (the use of facts), and ethos (the use of speaker 's authority and honesty). By using these three rhetorical strategies from Aristotle, Gore wants to persuade the world to something about…

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  • Climate Change: Silent Spring By Rachel Carson

    book did not prevent people further harming the earth. In fact, the issue is still as pressing as ever. After the losing the presidential election of 2008 to Mr. Bush, Al Gore began research and wrote a book, “The Inconvenient Truth”, He created a large powerpoint addressing climate change. So far he has travelled to many cities and countries to spread the concern of climate change. He talked many subject in the book for example CO2 increase, greenhouse effect, melting or collapse of a major…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Global Warming

    argues that children shouldn’t be shown DiCaprio’s or Gore’s “horror films” because they receive the wrong message. Since children are innocent they don’t know what is going on in the world nor do they mind, but then they are shown DiCaprio’s or Gore’s film and get frightened. Although Inhofe does have a point and maybe children shouldn’t be shown films like these he attempts to discredit DiCaprio and Gore. Inhofe appeals to fear a lot in his speech which makes him less credible. On the other…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Global Warming Essay

    warming changed, this was something that was politically influenced on Mitt Romney this was not his own views. It has been shown even if a political candidate does not care at all about the climate he will support the change just to receive the votes when election day comes. 2.5 times more registered voters will support a presidential candidate or congress if their views are supporting global warming. (Leiserowitz) The view on global warming between both political party’s Republicans and…

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  • Industries Experiment On The Planet Analysis

    In his talk, “What Comes After the Inconvenient Truth”, Gore lays out lasting issues for everyone. He begins by talking about the Perma ice loss - within the last 25 years the Perma ice, which is in fact supposed to be permanent, has diminished to about ¼ of its original size (Gore, 2009). Throughout the year, it is a normal occurrence for it to shrink and expand as the seasons change, but as of this year the levels are at an all time low. On top of this, Gore expresses that Greenland is being…

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  • Schneiderman Rules Essay

    The Wall Street Journal “The Schneiderman Rules,” discusses New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman endorsing the Clinton campaign by abusing his powers. He is accusing Trump of “fraud upon the people of the state of New York.” People are questioning his timing on the offense because the elections are less than a month away, so he could have waited after Nov. 9th. The author agrees that New York citizens need to be protected as Schneiderman mentions, however, the actions Schneiderman is…

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  • Comparing An Inconvenient Truth And Global Warming

    global warming by director Davis Guggenheim. The film is based on a multimedia presentation that gave Al Gore in over a thousand cities around the world in recent years and presents a disturbing picture of the destruction that is causing global warming and horrible future that awaits us if this problem is not addressed soon. Gore presents a graph demonstrating a connection between CO2 levels and temperature during 600.000 years based on samples of polar ice profundos.1 In that time period CO2…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

    Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address was a seminal document in our nation’s history. Lincoln used the opportunity to try and bring a wounded nation back together, employing several rhetorical strategies in his speech. Lincoln wrote his Second Inaugural Address himself. He had already been president for one term and had just been re-elected. He could have used the speech to celebrate himself and his efforts in the war, which was nearly over. He didn’t. Instead he tried to motivate his…

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  • Reinventing Government Summary

    programs, rather than actually operating programs itself (citation). Furthermore, the government should decentralize, trimming the national government giving states as well as local government more autonomy. Treating the public like customers or clients personalizes government allowing the public to become more aware or involved in the policymaking process. Lastly, fostering and environment where public as well as private organizations compete for jobs. This allows diversity of ideas but must…

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