Rhetorical Analysis Of Davis Guggenheim's 'An Inconvenient Truth'

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The 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, directed by Davis Guggenheim and starring former Vice-President Al Gore, is trying to make the public aware of global warming. Al Gore wants to let people know global warming is real, and is trying to persuade the world to do something about global warming. To persuade the world, Gore uses three rhetorical strategies: pathos (the use of emotions), logos (the use of facts), and ethos (the use of speaker 's authority and honesty). By using these three rhetorical strategies from Aristotle, Gore wants to persuade the world to something about global warming and save the Earth.

One strategy Gore uses is pathos. In the beginning of the documentary, he uses humor to be more involved with the audience.
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Therefore, the Gore family, who grew tobacco, stopped farming it. Gore 's message is, what we take for granted will not always be here for us or …show more content…
One way he uses logos is by showing pictures of ice melting and lakes drying up. For example, he shows various before and after pictures of ice glaciers. Gore shows pictures from Peru, Argentina, and other places in the world, places that once were covered in ice and now almost completely melted. But what happens if all ice glaciers melt? If all ice glaciers melt, almost half of the population on Earth will be in trouble, because 40% of the population get their drinking from ice glaciers. Also, Gore shows a picture of Lake Chad in Niger, which was one of the largest lakes in the world. Today, the lake is almost completely dried. Another example of logos is the chart Gore shows of carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and temperatures on Earth. If you were to put them together, they will fit perfectly. As CO2 goes up, the temperature on Earth Goes up. But how does that affect the Earth? It is bad because as temperatures goes up, the temperatures of ocean go up, which melts the ice glaciers faster. Therefore, if all glaciers melt many places in the world will be covered in water. Studies have shown if all glaciers melt places like San Francisco and the Netherlands will disappear from the map.

The last strategy the filmmakers use is ethos. They were careful to show Gore brought the problem of global warming to Congress. Gore wanted to do something with the support of the government, but it did not work as he thought. Also, in the documentary Gore always

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