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  • Boys And Girls Club Essay

    specifically boys at this time, ultimately needed a “positive alternative” to walking around the streets. In 1956, the Boys Club became a U.S. Congressional Charter. Locally, the first Boys Club in the city of Tucson was founded August 21, 1957. Up into the year 1990 it was known to be the Boys club. With an effort to acknowledge youth members who were female, “Congress amended and renewed the charter” (Our history, n.d.) to become the Boys & Girls Club which included female members. Along with various Boys & Girls Clubs across the country, our local Tucson location changed its legal name to Boys & girls Clubs of Tucson. This youth organization is funded by various means. The Boys and Girls Club receives a portion of its funds from the United States Federal government being a Congressional Charter. There are also many donors that give varying amounts. These donors include big businesses and generous citizens that take pride in helping out in their community. One of the largest donations come from The Jim Click Automotive Team, who donated approximately $100,000 in 2014. A small fee is collected from each member of the club, which costs approximately ten to twenty dollars depending on the time of the year. Goals The goals of the Boys and Girls Club are centered on building the character and resources of the youth. Some of the goals include providing community’s youth with “a safe place to learn and grow” (Why, n.d.). Another aspect of their goals emphasize the necessity to…

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  • FERPA And COPPA Compliance Report

    photographs SOX, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act, more commonly known as SOX was named after Senator Paul Sarbanes and Representative Michael Oxley. SOX’s main purpose is the protect shareholders and investors from financial fraud. It created increased corporate disclosure requirements, strict penalties for violations and has eleven (11) different titles: 1. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (Title 1) 2. Auditor Independence (Title 2) 3.…

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  • Edward Snowden: The United States National Security Agency

    According to BBC News, in June of 2013 the story broke through the newspaper, the Guardian that the United States National Security Agency (NSA), was spying on foreign leaders, people of power both in the US as well as other countries, and millions of Americans. On going stories also revealed that the NSA was collecting data from various allies such as Greece, France, and Italy. They also collected data from allies outside of Europe such as India, Japan, and South Korea (Edward Snowden: Leaks…

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  • Section 504 Case Study

    creating distress for children and adults with disabilities. Title 29 of the United States Code, Section 701 establishes reasons for developing regulations for individuals living with disabilities in America. Congress found that there was an increase of Americans living with a mental or physical disability and this particular group encounters everyday struggles with daily life activities. Also, Congress claimed it unlawful to discriminate towards an individual with a disability because of a…

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  • Homeland Security Protection

    Homeland Security and US Border Protection The recent increase in over 60, 000 unaccompanied children flooding across our southern borders, coupled with the United States inability to stop the smugglers from bring them across, points to some critical weaknesses in our Homeland Security protection. Before terrorist can exploit these weaknesses, America has to find a way to fill the gap. One possible solution to fix these gaps in our security is to use the Army Reserve and National Guard troops…

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  • Patriotism In North America

    Introduction Many churches across the United States of America celebrate their freedom through displays of patriotism, such as singing patriotic songs, posting an American flag, and honoring the nation itself. Respected religious leader, Alexander Campbell defined patriotism as an extension of selfishness and the “great and damning sin of mankind.” Furthermore, God tells His people, “You shall have no other gods before me” (Exod 20:3). Yet, many churches continue to honor the nation, despite…

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  • American Flag Day Informative Speech

    It was later under fire 3 days later in the Battle of Oriskany, August 6, 1777. It was said for the Flag to have one star and stripe per state. Making thirteen stars and stripes on the flag because of the original thirteen colonies that existed then. The colors of the Flag stand for many things. Red stands for hardiness and valour, white stands for purity and innocence, and blue, the color of the Chief, which is the broad band above the stripes, signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice.…

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  • Primary Sources Of Law Essay

    two sources of law in the United States, primary and secondary. Primary sources consist of both Federal and State Constitutions, Federal and State statutes, administrative rules, case laws. Primary sources of law are defined as “the sources that provide the actual law” (pg. 588). Another source of the law are secondary sources. Secondary sources consist of legal dictionaries, legal encyclopedias, legal forms books, periodicals, digests, treatises, and citators. Secondary sources are defined as…

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  • Disrespecting The National Anthem Analysis

    game, pride for the U.S.A. usually overcomes the crowd and gets everyone on their feet. The raw excitement for the game, a quintessentially American pastime, gets everyone riled up and screaming as soon as the tune comes to a close. However, San Francisco 49s quarterback Colin Kaepernick has recently made headlines for refusing to stand during the National Anthem in an attempt to shed light on the current racial situation in the United States. Athletes, fans, politicians, and even NFL executives…

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  • Seven Army Values

    did you turn yourself around?” The answer to their question is simple. I joined the Army and became all that I could be. Of course, a majority of my life has yet to be lived, but I know that I owe all of my success today to the time spent in the United States Army. During my time as an enlisted soldier, I learned some of lives most valuable lessons and values. The seven Army values that were instilled into me were loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal…

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