Boys & Girls Clubs of America

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  • Boys And Girls Club Essay

    Boys and Girls club History & Funds On a national level, the history of the Boys and Girls Club began a city in Hartford, Connecticut. Three women came together and they believed that youth, specifically boys at this time, ultimately needed a “positive alternative” to walking around the streets. In 1956, the Boys Club became a U.S. Congressional Charter. Locally, the first Boys Club in the city of Tucson was founded August 21, 1957. Up into the year 1990 it was known to be the Boys club. With an effort to acknowledge youth members who were female, “Congress amended and renewed the charter” (Our history, n.d.) to become the Boys & Girls Club which included female members. Along with various Boys & Girls Clubs across the country, our local Tucson…

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  • The Influence Of Community Service

    April 15, 2014, just months after my 16th birthday, was not only the one year anniversary of our house fire, but also a day of rejoice for my family, friends, and myself. This day was the crowning point of my scouting career. I remember standing in the lobby of the local scout office, with my parents and scoutmaster nervously waiting for my name to be called. Attempting to calm myself by talking and laughing with everyone, to not show my nerves, my name was finally called. This was it; there was…

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  • Achieving Lifetime Goals

    be in 20 years. Extra-curricular, as well as academic activities are essential in the preparation of achieving lifetime goals. Considering my lifetime goal of becoming a medical doctor, that makes activities that I preoccupy myself with, even more important. Throughout my own life, I have been involved in many organizations that have been imperative in the development of the skills that I will need in order to take on the future. Out of all of the organizations and activities that I have been…

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  • Service Academy

    Please respond using 12 point Times New Roman font. Each response to each question must be a minimum of 200 words to a maximum of 500 words. 1. Why do you want to attend one of the United States Service Academies? I believe a service academy is the ultimate way to test and build myself as a person and leader. Throughout my life I have put myself into positions of leadership which at first felt uncomfortable, but resulted in a growth I would not have obtained otherwise. My most memorable…

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  • Boy Scout Research Paper

    What would America be like if every young boy was enrolled in Boy Scouts? The Boy Scouts started in America in 1910, after Lord Baden Powell traveled to England. He was trying to find a business building, and being a foreigner, a young boy could tell that he was clearly lost. The boy asked him where he was going, and after Lord Powell told him, the boy didn’t know either. Powell and the boy were wondering around London trying to find the building, and as soon as they came upon it, Baden Powell…

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  • Essay On Why I Want To Be A Tutortor

    I am an Eagle Scout and an active Assistant Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America, what I believe to be the best leadership training program in the US. One serves in several leadership roles to earn this rank. To meet these requirements, I was an Instructor for two years and a Troop Guide for three. Instructors are in charge of groups of one to three Scouts for skills tutoring. The Troop Guide leads the instructors and teaches large group lessons to first years. We had over 25 new Scouts…

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  • Rocky Mountain Scout Ranch

    Last Summer Heather Youmans went to Cimarron, New Mexico to backpack through the wild. She went to Philmont Boy Scout Ranch ,“Born in 1938 as Philturn Rocky Mountain Scout Camp, today’s Philmont Scout Ranch is a bustling center for high adventure and training. Youth and adults take advantage of the Ranch’s camping, training and work programs.” ( She was spending 10 days in the backcountry without electricity and carrying her essentials on her back. Heather went on practice hikes…

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  • Sterotypes And Stereotypes Of A Boy Scout

    Ask anyone to describe a Boy Scout and they will probably tell you that Boy Scouts are socially awkward kids who play with knifes, fire and guns. Stereotypes are oversimplifications about groups or individuals. What makes up a stereotype is that a bit of truth is blown completely out of proportion. When stereotyping, society will see a small section of a group, and assume that the entire group fits within what has been observed. There are many different stereotypes regarding members of the Boy…

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  • Roles In The Boy Scouts Leaders

    various roles in the Boy Scouts of America are based on leadership. You have a Senior Patrol leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol leader, Quartermaster, Scribe, Historian, Librarian, Instructor, Chaplain Aid, Bugler. The Senior Patrol Leader is elected by the Scouts to represent them as the top youth leader. He runs all troop meetings, events, activities. He appoints other troop youth leaders with the advice and counsel of the Scoutmaster. The Assistant…

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  • Life Changing Experience: My Life Changing Experience

    My life changing experience Have you ever had a time where you are put in a group that changed your life? I am the assistant senior patrol leader in my boy scout troop in other words I am in charge of the troop(made up of 50 boys ages 17 down to age 11) when my senior patrol leader(who is like the ceo of boy scouts) is absent or asks me to do the duty of leader . The objective of the boy scouts is to teach leadership and responsibility in life. over the years I have went from being little…

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