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  • Community Engagement In A Community

    (ages 6-18) in the Boys and Girls Club program and organizing/ shelving books in the biographies section of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library. For…

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  • The Joy Luck Club Analysis

    The Joy Luck Club is an interesting talk of mother daughter relationships. Four women began the club, in order to play mahjong and enjoy life. The San Franciscan club was founded by Suyuan Woo. Before the story, however, Suyuan dies of a brain aneurysm. The three other women, An-Mei, Lindo, and Ying-ying, ask Suyuan’s daughter, Jing-Mei to take her mother’s place. Jing-Mei accepts and learns more about her mother’s life in China, and the sacrifices she made to be in America. All of these mothers…

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  • How To Play Basketball

    youth to become apart of. The Boys and Girls Club of America serves as a great resource. Many notable persons grew up in the Boys and Girls Club. Earvin “Magic” Johnson is one that numerous adolescents look up to in the basketball world. Being that he is was apart of the Dream Team alongside Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, he also leads the National Basketball Association (NBA) with the most assists per game. He, too, went to the Boys and Girls Club which many of the clubs worldwide make known…

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  • Essay On Gang Violence In America

    and is the highest annual estimate since 1996. Gang violence in America has been a major problem in this country which affects several communities and several major cities all throughout America. If gang violence awareness can be more available to areas where it is most popular and holding seminars and informational classes about what the gang life can cause, then there will be a decrease in gang related activity. In America, there has been a rapid increase in gang violence and gang…

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  • Becoming A Mentor

    I have always loved volunteering at schools in my hometown. However, I knew there were more ways I could reach out and impact a life. The Boys and Girls Club of America introduced me to the essentials of educating our youth. For the past 4 years, I have seen students grow socially and academically. A former member of the club with a consistent relatable spirit allowed students to open up and enjoy my presence. My volunteerism with this organization gave me a bigger opportunity to…

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  • Joy Luck Club Identity And Identity

    However, the identity changes in this essay have to do with a pressuring parent and a whole new life. In the book The Joy Luck Club, the main character, Jing-mei, experiences feelings of a lost identity until the end of the novel. The sense of identity that Jing-mei feels when she visits China is comparable to the Lost Boys of Sudan starting their new lives in America. Jing-mei experiences an identity change when she learns of her Chinese heritage. As a child, Jing-mei never felt that she lived…

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  • Student Mission Statement

    skillfully to advance the common good through my experiences on campus and my involvement in several clubs, organizations, and volunteer groups. All of these experiences taught me skills to better myself as a future educator. As the president of the University of St. Thomas Special Olympics Club, I learned to be a morally responsible leader. I helped build a partnership with Highland Friendship Club to facilitate university students volunteering with adults with disabilities once a month…

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  • The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech In Schools

    Freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the first amendment of the state constitution. The law says freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely and have no fear of the government or censorship. It’s important to have free speech. How else are we supposed to express our thoughts and ideas. They are trying to limit what we can and can’t say, but it’s not going to work. Kids have voices too. Kids all over the united states have been limited on their freedom of speech. How? Well one of the…

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  • School Uniforms In High Schools

    Expression has always been the way America has functioned. Americans express how they feel by their choice of clothes, their style of hair, and even whom they are friends with. Many schools around the world allow students to do just that. But recently, high schools have been enforcing a stricter dress code by demanding students to wear school uniforms. Common uniforms include khaki pants, a plain collared shirt, and classic plain, white shoes. Over the past few years, public high school…

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  • Proposal To Reduce Obesity Trends In My Local Community

    We look across America and see a land of freedom, of opportunity, and a growing obesity problem. There is not enough awareness of health and nutrition, thus it is necessary to educate our community members to help prevent and decrease obesity. As a health activist, I wish to change the obesity trends in my local community. An adult male is considered to be obese if he exceeds a body fat percentage of 24%, while an adult female has to obtain a body fat percentage of 37% to cross the line between…

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