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  • Persuasive Essay On Metal Braces

    Wanted to Know “I’ll look ridiculous having braces in my twenties, how embarrassing. Braces are for teenagers,” mentioned my sister one day. I understood why she felt like that, there was definitely a stigma behind getting metal braces, but then my Grandma went on to mention something called Invisalign. Since my sister’s main problem with metal braces is she’s concerned with how she will look, my Grandma pointed out it may be a good thing to look into. But looking back on the conversation, we didn’t really know much about Invisalign and how it actually works. Mostly I just knew that Invisalign is marketed as a newer, sleeker way of fixing imperfections in a person’s smile. I also knew that while Invisalign has been growing in popularity in the last decade or so, I had always been told that Invisalign can end up costing more than traditional braces, depending on the treatment. To help fully understand Invisalign and whether it’d be a good option for my sister, I needed to discover and find out a few more things about what exactly they are. How do the costs compare to…

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  • Charles Loring Brace: The Children's Aid Society

    find homes for displaced children. The Children’s Aid society which is a non-profit organization founded in 1853 by Charles Loring Brace was the main contributor to the Orphan Trains program in the United States (Teaching). The idea originally from the 1700’s was created by the British as a way to move less desirable citizens to North America, Australia and Capetown ( Boook Holt). Brace was a minister and according to an excerpt from a magazine for Humanities stated that his goal in life was…

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  • Essay On Knee Braces

    which has the potential to be harmful to an athlete’s career. In hopes of reducing the incidence of knee injury, sports medicine professionals created prophylactic knee braces. Initially made with the intent to prevent and curb future knee injuries, prophylactic braces are used by many athletes. Due to their increased use, researchers have dedicated large amounts of time and money to determine the effectiveness of prophylactic knee braces. Many researchers believe that prophylactic knee braces…

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  • Benefits Of A Halo Brace

    Halo Brace Home Guide A halo brace is used to stabilize your head and neck. It prevents your neck from moving. This keeps the head aligned with the spine and allows the bones in the neck to heal. These instructions provide you with information about caring for yourself with a halo brace. Your health care provider may also give you more specific instructions. Your treatment has been planned according to current medical practices, but problems sometimes occur. Call your health care provider if…

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  • Orthodontics Research Paper

    Orthodontics can fix dental issues such as overcrowding, spacing, incorrect bite all of which can potentially cause many bigger issues. Although it doesn 't happen overnight braces effect the 4 million people that wear them in the US according to Dr. William J. Trepp. I found myself in this very position when I went to see my orthodontist my 8th grade year and my life and appearance was forever changed. Today, I am a completely different person, not only do I have straight teeth I also have a…

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  • Becoming An Orthodontist In Dental School

    the condition is serious enough to require dental braces and, if so, what the most appropriate treatment is, and how long it will take. Once a treatment process is decided the teeth are first polished to ensure that the brackets will bond properly, after which they are air-dried. A conditioner is used on the front surfaces of the teeth for 30 seconds to further prepare them for bonding the brackets. Once cleaned off, the teeth are dried, and an adhesive primer is placed on the teeth to enhance…

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  • Narrative Essay On Getting Braces

    Braces I’ve been dreaming about this day since I was 10. Getting braces. But now I’m dreading it. Why? Because of my best friend. “It won’t hurt as bad as the time you got hit in the face with a baseball in 5th grade though” my mom told me, “you’ll be fine, trust me” and I did. I thought nothing could hurt worse than that. It was horrible. But a week later when I asked my friend she said, “Oh it hurt alright, it was like that for a whole week. But on the bright side you can eat ice cream for…

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  • Foster Care System

    States of America as a way to deal with not only poor citizens but also orphaned children. Although the kids were placed as indentured servants with sometimes abusive and exploitive owners, the servitude was considered a step up because the kids could now learn a particular skill that they could use to find a job once they became adults. In its beginning years, the foster care system placed a large emphasis on helping children better their lives, so they could grow up to be adults with…

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  • The Orphan Trains Documentary

    Orphan Trains Orphan trains is a documentary about children in New York, being sent on trains to other parts of the country, in order to find families and be taken care of. There are stories from, adults that actually rode on these trains when they were children. The Orphan Trains was started by a man named Charles Loring Brace in 1854. Brace, had traveled to New York in the early 1850’s, and was horrified at the conditions of all the children he saw on the street. Brace felt that it was a duty…

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  • Ethical Issues: The Foster Care System

    No questions asked and most often were placed in poor situations, badly abused, and greatly mistreated. These “parents” were paid by the state to take these children and had no guidelines for the care of these children (Hamilton 6). These children could be abused, starved or put into slavery at the whim of these “parents”. There was at this point only a disgusting reality for these kids, that no one would take them and give them a true home. In the late 1800’s a man by the name of Charles…

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