Boys & Girls Clubs of America

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  • Cooking In Modern Day America

    cook in modern day America. We use all those utensils, ingredients, ways of cooking,…

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  • Indian Slavery Thesis

    children slagged behind on the journey to the camp they would execute on the way and leave behind. Abuse of Captive women was not universal, and was led by certain tribes. Tribes would capture women for maids, and to server the Indians. White girls captured before puberty would be put up for marriage for chiefs or warriors. Many…

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  • Mario Lopez Speech

    Today Mario Lopez also known as Mario Michael Lopez Jr. is a host of TV show Extra and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. He started his acting career in 1984 as Pablo on Kids Incorporated. He also was in Dancing with the stars from September 12 and was able to make it to the final round on November 15. Outside of all of this acting and hosting career he published a fitness book, two cookbooks and a children’s book. Mario Lopez was born on October 10, 1973 in San Diego, California. He is known as…

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  • Comparison Of I Have A Dream And Martin Luther King's Speech

    thank God Almighty, we are free at last” (King 639)! King’s words motivated his followers to fight with a common end goal, which is to put an end to the racial injustice in American. If the Americans were not motivated during the civil war, then America would not have been what it is in present-day. Therefore, it is quite possible that racial segregation, and injustice could have continue to this day. Motivation to fight is the fundamental reason, African-American have the rights as other…

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  • Diana Tripp Analysis

    She was in the drama club, she was on the forensics team “Forensics is the speech and drama team. So I did the plays at school and the competitions.” she explained. She was also a part of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). I would never have imagined Diana as a business lady, so I wondered why she joined. “I joined partly because my sister, Amy Jo, had done it. So they…

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  • Gender Neutral Parenting Analysis

    conductive gel over her swollen drum of a belly. The thud of a tiny heartbeat floods your mind as you wait in anticipating silence to discover the sex of your new baby. “It’s a girl!” cries the nurse, noting the beginnings of utero, your wife beaming at you. You’re pleased. So pleased. Maybe…maybe you’d been hoping for a boy…maybe you’d been imagining playing football and aeroplanes in the back garden instead of trying to wrap your head around dollies and all that girly stuff. But so what? You…

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  • KSA Influences Behavior

    The first effect of your children’s behavior is your actions. To begin with, the new generation in this time has many ways from this life to impact their behavior in good and bad ways. Following that, children have role models in their life. They could be their parents or people who live around them. Family, friends, and school influence behavior in the KSA, USA, and China. The family in KSA influences behavior. First, we know the children acquire their behavior from their parents because…

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  • Danielle Copeland: Magic World Of Ballet

    is the “Breakthrough Award” from the Council of Urban Professionals in April 2012. May 2012 brought Misty an induction into the Boys & Girls Club National Hall of Fame. In addition to these awards, Misty was named National Youth of the Year Ambassador for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in June 2013. She received the Young, Gifted & Black honor at the 2013 Black Girls Rock! All of her hard work has earned her many endorsements but the most popular is the “I Will What I Want” campaign…

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  • The Breakfast Club Movie Analysis

    The Breakfast Club is a well-known 1980’s movie directed by John Hughes. It follows five teenagers who end up in detention on Saturday due to their actions during the school week. Each of these teenagers come from a different social group and immediately judge one another but after getting to know one another they realize that they are more similar than they first thought. Each character in this film commits deviant behaviors. A deviant behavior is a behavior that/…. Andrew Clark is a…

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  • The Beatles Accomplishments

    later, February 22nd, it was number one in the charts. The Beatles were so successful that by 1964, not even 2 years after stepping foot in America, had already put out 2 movies: A Hard Day’s Night and Help, which are both named after their most successful albums at that time. They were also very good at performing live. Their first shows were in an old club called “The Indra ” in Hamburg, Germany where prostitution, gang violence, transvestites ,drugs, and murder were very common. The Beatles,…

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