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  • Summary: A Stranger's Experience In Muskoka

    'Folding ' i.e. Falding and thus to get to Blackstone Lake. Jennings was just setting up his on place on the lake and with his family would over winter starting in about 1888. Henry, a third generation Vankoughnett in Foley had just gotten married and had his first child. The Vankoughnetts arrived on Blackstone by 1889. Canoe routes from the Muskoka Lakes outwards provided a lot of opportunities to the more adventurous hunters and fishermen. They could choose from the various chained lakes and river. The Chains include: Muskoka River Chain (through Lake Vernon), the Seguin Chain (to Parry Sound), Magnetawan River (Burk 's Falls and Ahmic Lake), South Branch Chain (Lake of Bays and the Madawaska River), Muskosh River Chain (Muskoka River, Bracebridge, Port Carling and the Crane or Blackstone Lake Chain (to Georgian Bay). Blackstone Lake is reached by daily stage to Pender 's Corners [corner of Black Rd and Rankin Rd], and then a drive of four miles down the side road. It is better not to attempt these more distant excursions without experienced guides.” Another Toledo Ohio fisherman, Jay Beebe writes to The Toronto Daily Mail for November 25, 1887 who was impressed on how well the navigation among the 30,000 islands through the “narrow and crooked channels” was in getting to Parry Sound. Although he and his party fished for 11 days in Mill Lake he seemed to be envious on meeting these other fisherman from Crane and Blackstone. Mr. Beebe and company 's best effort was a 31⁄2…

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  • Slavery And Irony In Phillis Wheatley's Poetry

    not until we was older. But at this time, he had his older brother help him improve his writing. He toured Europe for three years, then he came back to New York to practice law, but he was not very good at it. Then later, he, his brother, and a friend of theirs, all worked together to write a comedic bundle of essays call Salmagundi, which did get popular. After a few years later, he served, briefly, in the war in 1812. Once he was out of the army, he went to England to help his brothers run…

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  • Walkowitz And Englitz Summary

    that were hostile to young women who lived alone.” This theory is the answer to the question of who these women really were, not just what the Contagious Disease Acts made them out to be. They prove this time and time again by showing the poor lives of these women and the stories behind what brought them to be incarcerated. They also showed how the women of Plymouth and Southampton protested the Acts as best they could in the courts and in the lock hospitals. These women weren’t just trying to…

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  • Essay On Social Diversity

    first place I’m oppressed is my social class, sub-working. For the last 5 years, while I have worked, I haven’t had a paid job. Being able to stay home and raise my children has been more rewarding then receiving a weekly paycheck. Living in Muskoka, I live among a large economic diversity. We have some that live in geared to income housing, as well as people that own their own islands. With the tax cuts to public health, education, libraries and other services, which has caused a deep…

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  • Analysis Of Washington Irving's The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

    England to work in the Liverpool branch of his families import-export business that was failing. After three years of working there, the company went completely bankrupt. Irving was thirty-five years old, with no money and no support. He decided that it was time for him to make a career decision (“Irving, Washington”). He was going to pursue his writing career for real this time. Irving took his experiences of his eventful life and put them into words, which is known as The Sketch Book. This…

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  • Comparison: Zachariah And Washington

    To get to Parry Sound from Collingwood the Watts and McDougall’s had to board the newly built Waubuno. This bi-weekly steamer was the only way to access Parry Sound as the road between Parry Sound and Bracebridge was only just being cut. As they neared the Harbour, Zachariah and family would have seen some of the 30,000 islands and got a first glimpse of the stoic pines growing on the Shield rocks – the rocks and little soil that would make farming a serious challenge to any farmer. This Sound…

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