The Importance Of Poverty In My Life

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I am privileged within my age group, 25-40, society regards this age group to be privileged because at this point we get marries, start a family, buy a house, and for some have a college degree and/or a career. Some might say ‘we have it all’, and this why I consider it a privilege. We start to really find out how and why we are who we are. This is the time we reach most, if not all, our life achievements, such as those listed above. The old saying, “old enough to know better, and young enough to do it again”, is usually mentioned for adults in their late adulthood, but I feel it works wonderfully with the 25-40 years. This is a time when we really get to re-do a lot of things from our childhood, because we are doing these things with out growing children. However, this time around we do them smarter.
The first place I’m oppressed is my social class, sub-working. For the last 5 years, while I have worked, I haven’t had a paid job. Being able to stay home and raise my children has been more rewarding then receiving a weekly paycheck. Living in Muskoka, I live among a large economic diversity. We have some that live in geared to income housing, as
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I will never be a million-dollar winner on who wants to be a millionaire smart, I am educated enough to know how to read and write, do math, communicate and know well enough what is important to myself. The opportunities from my social location will truly help me show genuineness towards my clients, being as I’ve been where the majority of our population currently is. I’ve struggled maybe not the way some have, but I understand just how taxing it can be on a person mental health. Each ingredient within my social location will offer me great challenges and opportunities, most of which I’m sure will come as learning opportunities for

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