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  • Reflective Essay: My Philosophy Of Education

    My first days in school started by believing that teacher is god and should be regarded and respected as god. I was taught a Sanskrit verse when I started my school as “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Sakshat Parabrahma, Tsmai Shri Guruve…

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  • The Thoughts Of Brahma Summary

    In the reading from parallel myths, The Thoughts of Brahma is a creation story based on the beginning of Brahma, the creator. In this text Brahma leaves his kingdom to experience enlightenment for his life. By doing this Brahma falls into a meditated state, which his mind creates beings that transform him. Brahma first encounters the elemental substance of darkness (tamas), which brought storms to tempt Brahma to give up his journey and distract him. He denies this God of darkness and abandons…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between Hinduism And Buddhism

    website ( they clarified Hinduism beliefs in reincarnation in that Hindus have faith that the individual soul is a part of the creator spirit, Brahma. It is each soul 's desire eventually to return to Brahma. Although it is not possible because of people’s sins, and impurities throughout the world, that they are no longer pure and holy to return. A soul must become pure before returning to Brahma, who is absolutely pure. The process of becoming pure is hard and is impossible…

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  • Magic And Religion In The Churning Of The Ocean Analysis

    Frazer’s definition of religion by depicting Vishnu as a spiritual being. Throughout the story, other holy figures seek his guidance multiple times in their quest to churn the Ocean of milk. The first of these interactions takes place when the Devas speak to Brahma about their woes, who in return helps them ask for advice from Vishnu (Patel et al., 37). Unlike Tylor and Frazer’s vague definition…

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  • Mundaka Upanishad: A Comparative Analysis

    Religious documents were common place in Mayan and Indian societies during ancient times. The Mayans’ religious document is known as the Popol Vuh and the Hindu’s is called the Mundaka Upanishad. These documents contain details about how each society believes the world was created and how to properly worship their creators. In this manner the Hindu’s Mundaka Upanishad resembles Buddhism and Christianity whereas the Mayans’ Popol Vuh more closely adheres to practices found in Greek polytheism.…

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  • Hinduism And Buddhism Essay

    Hinduism the central idea of the Hinduism is that Brahman is the sole principle of unity in the cosmos (power point). Brahman is everywhere and is in everything. All souls of human bodies and animals are part of the spirit of Lord Brahma, and they return to Brahma. However, only clean and pure souls can be returned to Brahma. Hinduism believes in reincarnation and call rebirth cycle as Wheel of life of Samsara. Reincarnation is essential in order to get a clean and pure soul. Impure Atma or…

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  • Gautama And The Elephant Analysis

    There are over 4,000 religions in the world today. How can there possibly be that many different versions of creation? Because of the possibility of parallel myths. The ability of writing allowed people to note exactly how the stories were told, but, before that, there was no standard way to convey every word precisely and accurately. This essay will look to The Thoughts of Brahma, Brahma is Lonely, The King, the Hawk, and the Pigeon, as well as Gautama and the Elephant. Analysis of these short…

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  • Four Stages Of Life

    represented by the river, which is also flowing from one side of the paper to other in the same direction as the path. If one does their dharma they will have good karma and continue on the path, but if dharma is not done, one will have bad karma and will be held back from continuing on the path. In Hinduism, karma and dharma is a large part of the religion because it ultimately determines your fate in future lives. The artwork is split into 3 different diagonal sections to represent the 3…

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  • Three Types Of Yoga

    food offering, and the anointing of statues. Bhakti yoga can extend also to acts of devotion shown to one’s guru (spiritual teacher), to one’s parents, and to one’s spouse. Yogi is a person who practices yoga with a mind that believes in Krishna, practice the mind to concentrate in Samadhi until the mind combines with atman, eliminate the ambition which is Maya, do an action without the expectation, and doing good to lift up the mind. That person would have access to the Brahma. Krishna said…

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  • The Importance Of Pushkar Mela

    Pushkar is always good for its most esteemed temples and it’s a place for the temple of Brahma, the only temple dedicated to him in India. Epics say that Pushkar floated to the surface when Brahma dropped a lotus flower on earth later this pond size town is largely associated with the few renowned sacred places of India. The rarity of the Brahma temple under this city domain renders huge significance to it. It is also considered that the famed waters of the Pushkar wash away the sins of whole…

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