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  • Boyz N The Hood Character Analysis

    “Boyz N The Hood” is a 1991 American crime drama film by John Singleton and starring Ice Cube, Morris Chestnut, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Laurence Fishburne. The storyline revolves around a group of three young male adults raised in the Crenshaw slums of Los Angeles and details the various difficulties that they face in their daily lives as they try to make in life despite being from the ghetto. The themes of race, violence, love, and future prospects are prevalent throughout the film, and Singleton explores the issues raised by each of them. This paper analyzes the social problems raised by the themes of race, crime and violence, future prospects, as well as love and relationships. John Singleton sheds light on the some of the major social problems…

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  • Analysis Boyz N The Hood

    battlefield, they learn to do what they must in order to survive-- whether that means stealing in order to eat, selling drugs in order to make money, or being involved in a gang in order to survive. John Singleton’s Boyz n’ the Hood (1991) accurately shows how hard it is for a person to escape an impoverished lifestyle when they are born into poor circumstances. People who live in low income neighborhoods hold a strong resentment towards people who live more affluently due to want--…

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  • Boyz N The Hood Analysis

    The Intercity Rules How did the movie Boyz N The Hood give me a better understanding on how to live in South Los Angeles? When I was living in South Los Angeles this movie impacted my life, because it showed me how to be street smart. Boyz N the Hood gave me advice on how to live in a vicious life style of black-on-black crimes in South Central Los Angeles. I was unaware of the dangerous streets, manipulative people, the high rate of teen pregnancy, and the poverty was unbelievable. Living…

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  • Boyz N The Hood Summary

    Boyz N the Hood is a movie which was released in 1991 and is about teens growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles. Reva, the mother of Tre Styles, sends Tre to live with his father because of some trouble he got into at school. Reva wanted Tre’s father, Furious Styles, to teach him about life and being a man in hopes to protect her son from the streets. While growing up living with his father Tre reunites with his friends “Doughboy”, Ricky, and Chris. Doughboy is in a gang called the…

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  • Poverty In Boyz N The Hood

    The movie, “Boyz N the Hood”, is focused around a young African American boy by the name Trey “Tre” Styles, who moved in with his father at the age of 10. This being so Tre could learn valuable life lessons on how to become a man while growing up in the harsh conditions of his neighborhood, located in Crenshaw, South Central Los Angeles. Tre’s father, Jason “Furious” Styles, is a character in this story who is hard on Tre so that he will become wise about his decisions and make a better life for…

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  • Racism In Boyz N The Hood

    “While many struggle for survival, others in the same society enjoy the benefits of great wealth.” (3, Rothman) The aspect of racial and economic oppression within the modern United States is unquestionable and has been since the beginning of our country as we know it. Although we have made improvements, whether they are far and few between, it does not ensure a colorblind society. As we become a more modern society, technologically speaking, we can see how far behind we are in terms of racism…

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  • Cultural Issues In Boyz N The Hood

    Counterargument Although Boyz n’ the Hood made valid arguments about the state of society during the 1990s and the decades prior, Singleton does not use the film to produce a perennial message. The film is an outdated and fictional portrayal of society today, because society has greatly progressed in the nearly twenty-five years that have passed since the movie was first released. African Americans and minorities are much closer to equality than they have been in the past and are increasingly…

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  • Difference Between Boyhood And Boyz N The Hood

    The only apparent difference between Boyhood and Boyz N The Hood is a five letter discrepancy. However, the seemingly small five letter gap makes a world of difference. Despite sharing extremely similar stories, the two movies demonstrate immensely different outlooks on the racial problem in America -- or, as is the case in Boyhood, a lack thereof. Written in response to to Imran Siddiquee’s article “Not Everyone’s Boyhood”, published in The Atlantic, Julius Kassendorf’s feature “Boyz n the Hood…

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  • Boys N The Hood Analysis

    Nickishia Menardy The film Boys N’ the Hood, written and directed by John Singleton, was released in 1991. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. plays the role of the protagonist, Tre Styles, as viewer watch his coming of age. Unlike most films, this was not a typically coming of age story. In the first scenes we see as Tre’s mother, portrayed by actress Angela Bassett, struggles to keep Tre out of trouble while juggling her school and work load. After Tre fails to keep his end the promise to his mother,…

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  • Psychological Analysis Of Boyz N The Hood Directed By John Singleton

    Boyz N the hood (1991) directed by John Singleton explores the environment of South Central Los Angeles and reveals to the audience the living conditions of the citizens living there. For the three main characters Darren, Rick and Tre each of them had all gone through the same battle of the mind which is the challenge of living in the hood environment and their response to the living conditions. Through out the movie the way that this psychological battle was displayed by shot type, each…

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