Boyz N The Hood Character Analysis

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“Boyz N The Hood” is a 1991 American crime drama film by John Singleton and starring Ice Cube, Morris Chestnut, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Laurence Fishburne. The storyline revolves around a group of three young male adults raised in the Crenshaw slums of Los Angeles and details the various difficulties that they face in their daily lives as they try to make in life despite being from the ghetto. The themes of race, violence, love, and future prospects are prevalent throughout the film, and Singleton explores the issues raised by each of them. This paper analyzes the social problems raised by the themes of race, crime and violence, future prospects, as well as love and relationships.
John Singleton sheds light on the some of the major social problems
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Sadly, he gives into the hard life of living in the ghetto and eventually succumbs to violence, crime, and alcohol that have all been made possible by the environment which he lives in. Unlike his half-brother, he does not seem to harbor any strong feelings of a bright future or college education. Living the coveted American Dream has been left to Ricky – or so it seems. However, despite all these, Dough still maintains a strong code of honor and sense of pride. As for Tre, his life is a little different from Ricky’s and Dough’s. He has a father, which is a good thing, but his styles of trying to teach his son to have a strong character and always do right and take responsibility for his actions are strict and furious, to say the least – no wonder his name is Furious Styles [Laurence Fishburne]. It is through the experiences of these three young men that Singleton exposes the issues that lie unseen and undetected to the eye of one outside the Crenshaw ghetto (Singleton …show more content…
In other words, one needs to be tough in order to survive in the ghetto, and Singleton brings this out all too well. For example, there is a time when Tre gets into a fight at school. The mother seems to know that the ghetto environment will not do any good to her son and therefore decides to send him to live with his dad in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. Mr. Furious, who is his father, also seems to be aware and share his wife’s sentiments. He had once been a gang member, and he would not want his son to go down that path that guarantees crime, violence, and sometimes murder. However, this theme is most superbly brought out through Dough. Unlike his brother who wants to college, get a job, and take care of his girlfriend and their baby, Ricky heads down the road of crime, gangs, guns, drugs, and violence. He is in and out of prison every

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