Boy Scout Leadership Essay

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One leadership role I have assumed since entering high school is the Senior Patrol Leader of the Oak Grove Boy Scout Troop 266. The objective of the Boy Scouts of America, as an organization, is to develop the future leaders of the United States through an inexpensive, boy-lead program, available to all boys in the United states, under the age of eighteen. When coming up through the ranks of Boy Scouts, a young man will receive leadership and guidance from his more seasoned scouters. After gaining the valuable lessons offered by the curriculum in the Boy Scout handbook, a young man learns the most important lesson of all: leadership. In a scouter’s career, he will be asked to step up his current position to a role in the troop that benefits …show more content…
Roe Bartle Scout Reservation. At the reservation, I volunteer my time as an instructor of the climbing merit badge for boy scouts on their journey to obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout. Teaching is one of the most testing activities that an individual may ever face in their entire life. While teaching such an active activity as rock climbing and rappelling, not only do you learn the mentality of the pupils, you also learn a significant amount about yourself. Personally, I believe guiding young men down the side of the forty foot tower is a highly emotional experience. When I was a visitor to camp Bartle all those years ago, I was deeply afraid of falling down the tower as is with the majority of young men today. It was the assurance and guidance of the instructor helping me that encouraged me to take the leap of faith and descend the wall. As an instructor, my memory of the fear I felt supplemented my ability to help pupils facing the same the same obstacles. Just as becoming the Senior Patrol Leader of my troop helped me to discover the need for giving back to the organization, being a member of the staff at the reservation revealed the concept that in everything I do, there is always someone working to augment my experiences in a positive way and that person deserves the utmost respect I can

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