Eagle Scout's Accomplishments

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A feat that only two-million people have achieved since 1912. An award that takes a tremendous amount of perseverance and hard work. In my case, it began in 2004 and I accomplished it in 2015. My greatest achievement, earning the rank of Eagle Scout, signifies my transition into adulthood.
Throughout my life, I have been extremely determined and strived to be the best at everything I do. To accomplish this in scouting, required becoming an Eagle Scout. Ever since I was a Tiger Cub in 2004, I knew I wanted to reach the prestigious rank, but did not always realize how treacherous the road would be to get there. The amount of skills that I ended up attaining on the journey to Eagle Scout is vast and some were difficult for me to learn. There
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I chose to help my local humane society construct a room for cats, improve their exterior walking path, and fix landscaping around a deck. From this project I took away many life lessons, one being, how important service is. By assembling volunteers and spending a great amount of time, totaling over 158 hours, we were able to make a difference for many years to come. Since then, service has become even more significant to me, and I hope to become a dentist so I may serve others and improve their lives. Another vital skill I developed was perseverance. The journey to reach my goal was rough and at many times seemed unattainable. My Eagle Scout project also strengthened my leadership. During the entire process of the project, I was in charge and had to make sure everything was done correctly and safely. This was demanding especially when there were many people involved, but everything went smoothly and I could not have dreamed of the project turning out better. Throughout my scouting career leading to Eagle Scout, my abilities were constantly tested and the list of skills I learned is endless, spanning from first-aid to personal management. More importantly, I developed several qualities: leadership, commitment to service, and perseverance. In the end, these qualities have turned me into the adult I am

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