Boys And Girls Club Essay

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Boys and Girls club
History & Funds On a national level, the history of the Boys and Girls Club began a city in Hartford, Connecticut. Three women came together and they believed that youth, specifically boys at this time, ultimately needed a “positive alternative” to walking around the streets. In 1956, the Boys Club became a U.S. Congressional Charter. Locally, the first Boys Club in the city of Tucson was founded August 21, 1957. Up into the year 1990 it was known to be the Boys club. With an effort to acknowledge youth members who were female, “Congress amended and renewed the charter” (Our history, n.d.) to become the Boys & Girls Club which included female members. Along with various Boys & Girls Clubs across the country, our local Tucson
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Some of the goals include providing community’s youth with “a safe place to learn and grow” (Why, n.d.). Another aspect of their goals emphasize the necessity to participate in continuing relationships with adult professionals who are caring. Additionally, their goals involve providing life enhancing programs and character development experiences. They conduct various programs that reach out to different areas that should be developed during adolescence.
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While this once was the target population of the organization, it eventually invited girls into the program and has evolved with many years of service. In the present day, the organization serves a diverse group of youth members. It has expanded its services to those who come from various backgrounds that represent many ethnicities, socio economic backgrounds and other walks of life. Compared to the organization that existed many years ago, the Boys and Girls club has become more inclusive in its population of

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