Argumentative Essay On Boys Beware

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Boys beware is a short film that illustrates how homosexuals prey upon young boys and display them as sexual predators. This video is not effective for the intended contemporary audience because homosexuals are seen in a different sense of light in the new generation. This film gave false accusations about homosexuals, and portraits them as the villains in our society. Our society is filled with straight child predators, and how children are raped but that is not even reflected upon this short film. When reflecting upon the film Boys Beware, it was rhetorically ineffective because the intended contemporary audience is given false information about homosexuals, and how the film is biased towards homosexuality.
Moreover, the first scenario
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The parents also inform the kids since early adolescence that never to take rides from strangers, even if they mention their own parents name. That they should not be on the streets after door, or must be home before sun set. Also schools have strict protocols about children walking home, or getting a ride with friends unless consent from parents. Also if the child has after school programs, the child has more than one way of getting home safe either by carpooling, or bus, and parent pick up. Also in today’s society, kids are thought to stay away from older strangers, and to always walk together in groups or have a chaperon. So the contemporary audience are taught from early on or given guidelines by parents about avoiding …show more content…
This video is aimed towards showing homosexuals as dangerous people, and how they cannot be trusted. The director doesn’t show how straight people prey on young kids more often than homosexuals. This film has no back up or a claim to what it is presiding, it is stating random facts in which they believe to be true. This film lacks credibility, and the film is extremely biased and showcases homosexuals as a threat or a virus that will be caught if not careful. This film tries to make everything about homosexuals a bad thing, that being homosexual is dangerous and that you should go near one. The film does not state do not go any suspicious stranger but just do not go near a homosexual. A main flaw in this film was that instead of teaching awareness to the kids about child predator, it only taught the kids about homosexual child

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