Argumentative Essay On Boys And Girls Club

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Visualize being a kid again, just getting out of school, and starting to walk home. The walk home might be a little different for other young kids, especially those living in poverty. One out of five kid’s lives in poverty and one out of five kids won’t graduate on time. For many of these kids, not graduating on time or dropping out of school is inevitable. Non-profit organizations are providing a safe place for young kids to learn and grow, in particular one foundation. Americans should support the Boys and Girls Club of America because it is a safe place for children that are struggling in poverty. For more than 150 years, clubs have been helping young children to become their ideal self. It all began in 1860 with three women in Hartford, Connecticut. All three women help organize the club in their belief that boys that wandered the streets had a place that can be danger free. Today, clubs work with young children with diverse ethnicities, physical or mental disabilities, and wide range of ages. With over 4,000 clubs over the nation, and having helped more than 4 million kids each year, they provide activities that are an essential aspect of human development. These clubs and …show more content…
The easiest way is to support their partners like Coco-Cola, Bank of America, University of Phoenix, Taco Bell, and dozens more. These caring corporations donate money for athletic equipment, computer technology, books, food, and class tools. Citizens can donate money online, or volunteer as an athletic coordinator or program director. The general public should support this organization because their mission is to provide a safe place for young people to truly enhance their opportunities to succeed in life. The mission is a success and needs the peoples support. Simply by doing some research at local library and googling boys and girls clubs of America. One can see that very accomplished alumni that attended this great

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