Argumentative Essay On Male Privilege

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"Men 's Checklist "

Male privilege is a topic that actually only pertains to women because men ignore the fact that they are privileged. Peggy McIntosh said “I think white are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege , as males are taught not to recognize male privilege “. Online sources define male privilege as " A concept used to examine the social, economic and political advantages or rights available to men solely on the basis of their sex. A men 's access to these benefits may also depend on their characteristics such as race, sexual orientation and social class”. In a male dominated society, women are often pushed to the back whether she is successful or not. Male privilege is something that definitely still exists, and continually
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Throughout the article the author provided elaborate examples of what it would be like if men had their periods. As I read there were things that I agreed with but i also disagreed with altogether. For instance, when it mentioned how menstruation would be viewed as the number one thing for men to boast about but in reality I believe they would become violent because men usually make things into a competition without hesitation. So this could result in either a very violent act or it could result in lower suicide rates because they would be expressing their emotions due to hormonal mood swings. I do agree that it would be publicized as an award or a milestone of achievement if they were able to menstruate, the only thing I fail to understand was that if men could menstruate would they automatically become feminine? It could be possible that men would incorporate “womanly habits”. And in result would change the social concept that women are sensitive creatures and men are rough and strong. Menstruation would cause theses stereotypes to change completely, there would no longer be gender roles because menstruation would cause them to be more nurturing and loving. They would take on roles like cleaning the house and watching the children at least until their period

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