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  • Venus And The Lorenzo Lotto Analysis

    The height of the Renaissance fostered a war zone within Venice. Aspiring artists hoped to cement their legacy as the likes of Giovanni Bellini or Raphael, but few managed to achieve what Titian did. Critics rave over Titian’s vibrant use of color and his masterful brushstroke. Many studied under Titian, but where was their success? Why was there seemingly such a remarkable barrier of skill between Titian and those below him? Three works of art on display at The MET’s Gallery 607 allow for a great analysis of what really went on in 16th century Venice. Paris Bordone and Lorenzo Lotto both have a history with Titian, yet both could only accomplish just a modicum of the success that he did. Titian’s, Venus and the Lute Player, Lotto’s, Brother Gregorio, and Bordone’s, Portrait of a Man in Armor…

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  • Renaissance Art Characteristics

    He died in 1510 by the plague. However, he is reported as being a favorite of among the aristocracy. Giorgione, Bellini’s student, began to set the stage for one of the greatest Venetian artist in Venetian history, Titian. Giorgione’s style like Bellini, Basaiti, and Congeliano, incorporated the use of chiaroscuro, landscapes, naturalism, and perspective; but held an element of mystery. Giorgione’s work moved beyond his predecessors as the iconic symbolism was not present and it is a…

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  • Analysis Of The Gaze Of Venus, By Sandro Botticelli

    With in this investigation of the Venus and the Venus figure having the gaze directed at the viewer. This investigation will be looking at how the gaze and the nude female figure have changed over the centuries due to the advancement of women 's place in the world. The woman’s gaze is when the artist puts the characters eyesight directly at the viewer. This is something that is an artist choose to use to make a point to show the viewer that the woman is the desired object but also the one who is…

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  • Assumption Of The Virgin Titian Analysis

    The Renaissance was an age of learning and revival of classic Roman and Greek art and culture. Paintings of the Renaissance often focused on religion but also focused on creating realistic humans. In 1518 the Renaissance painter Titian completed his masterpiece “The Assumption of the Virgin” for the altar Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari Basilica in Venice. The piece is a depiction of the Virgin Mary rising from Earth into heaven through angels taking her away from the Apostles and towards God.…

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  • Venus And Adonis Analysis

    Tiziano Vecellio, better known as Titian, painted Venus and Adonis in about 1554; during a period known as the High Renaissance. Venus and Adonis is a workshop copy of one of Titian’s earlier paintings of the same name, created as a part of a six-piece series commissioned by King Phillip II of Spain. Titian called the paintings in this series ‘poesie’, or poems, because each illustrates a mythological story inspired by ‘Metamorphoses’ by the Roman poet Ovid. Titian’s other works in this series…

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  • Analysis Of Titian's Rape Of Europa

    Titian is known through his works with his unique without focus of the outlines and depending more towards highlights of colors. This was the outcome from the influence of living between Mannerism to Baroque. During the beginning of Titian career, he was an apprentice with a few famous artists before him. Some includes Gentile and Giovanni Bellini, eventually partnered with Giorgione for the majority for the first few years. One of Titians surviving fresco, Fondaco dei Tedechi, only work that…

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  • Paolo Veronese's Venus With A Mirror

    This technique was created to combat the assertion that the ability to show the figure from multiple viewpoints was part of sculpture alone, and was achieved by depicting reflections in paintings. It is around this time period that the motif of the mirror begins to appear in various works of art. An example of this can be seen in Paolo Veronese’s painting Venus with a Mirror. Paolo Veronese was one of the leading painters of Venetian painting in the cinquecento, following in the tradition of…

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  • Renaissance Individualism

    Some artists throughout the Renaissance period, such as Giovanni Bellini created use of those ideas, and commenced to show their art through secular and non secular themes and concepts that were exhibited through landscapes and portraits. As new forms of linear and aerial perspective and pyramid structures came into use by Francesca and Alberti, paintings were ready to carry better-recognized spiritual concepts as a result of the paintings became more clear and more vivid well. Lastly, artists…

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  • Fernando Álvarez's In The Last Supper

    this time period began to elaborately experiment with methods of creating art and artists started to consider themselves as skilled craftsmen. Artists were held to the same principles as those who practiced the sciences or mathematics. According to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, “Innovations such as linear perspective, which employs mathematics and optics, aligned artists with the sciences, as did practices such as closely studying human anatomy.” In The Last Supper, Titian applies linear…

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  • Peter Paul Rubens's Painting: The Elevation Of The Cross

    The Elevation of the Cross was painted by Rubens in Italy allowing it to be subject to a variety of Italian influences (Pritchard). The first of which being the richness of color in the painting (Pritchard). The dark blues and reds in Ruben’s painting are similar to the artistic style used by Titian as seen in his Pesaro Madonna from 1526. Clearly, a characteristic Ruben could have emulated from Titian who painted during the Venetian era (Pritchard). Through Caravaggio’s Crucifixion of St. Peter…

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