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  • Participating In Youth Sports

    should not have to support athletes financially, especially since coaches are generally volunteers. This proves that expenses are becoming too expensive in youth sport. Scholarships, sponsorship and community trusts help to assist with the cost but generally do not cover petrol, uniforms or boots (New Zealand Government, 2008), which means there are restrictions on what funds can achieve. Perhaps a similar idea to StudyLink, but for sport could help in improving participation levels in youth. With a number of sport dropouts saying that sport costs too much, an allowance system may help to improve participation and remove the financial barrier of sport. This along with community grants, scholarships and sponsorship should help to keep youth athletes in…

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  • Transport's Impact On Social Consumption And Socialization In New Zealand

    1 INTRODUCTION Transport has a huge impact on daily basis in New Zealand. It is known that New Zealand currently spends billions of dollars on transport (Ministry of Transport, 2014). Transport has become one of the biggest factors contributing in energy consumption and economic growth in New Zealand and Ministry of Transport have introduced four scenarios in order to make flexible investment options. Ministry of Transport have considered a change in oil price and digital technology advancement…

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  • The Role Of War In Afghanistan

    New Zealand troops have spent more time in Afghanistan then both World War One and World War Two Combined, despite this, mainstream media coverage of the war has been limited, and one-sided, government reports have relied on embedded journalism and the NZDF methods of public relations (PR), have been responsible for the upkeep of the military’s positive, peacekeeping, reconstructed, ‘kiwi’ image. While this was not untrue, it can not be considered truthful. The NZDF maintains strong connections…

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  • Origin Of Tattooing Essay

    Tattoos of all kinds are seen on the bodies of most of these young people. The Samoan tatau (or pe’a), is the term for ‘tattoos’. The Samoan traditional tatau worn by men begins from the waist and extends below the knee cap, while the malu, “tattoo,” worn by females extends from the top of the thigh down below the knee. These are the traditional adornments by which the tatau and malu are supposed to be worn and the older Samoan people who grew up with the traditions tend to have differing views…

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  • Taking A Look At Youth Crime

    The number of children and young people charged in court in 2015 was 1,878; the lowest it has ever been since the year 1992 (Statistics New Zealand, n.d.). This fact, alongside other data that is listed and explained below supports the thesis statement that - youth crime is under control in New Zealand. The ‘other data’ will consist of four paragraphs. First of all, information on the topic will be given as well as the types of offenders that exist; secondly, what causes these children and…

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  • Growing Up In A Refugee Camp

    Imagine living in a refugee camp at the age of just four years old for 15 years. Growing up in a rough environment, with limited food and water it was not easy but this special man who is my dad is one of many who did stay in a refugee camp for 15 years. He had nothing but his family and god but that is all he could possibly ask for at the time. Life got difficult for him in December 1979 when the Russians invaded his home country and it was way too dangerous for him to stay. He was only four…

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  • News Around The Globe Analysis

    Reporting News Around the Globe The way in which news is presented heavily influences readers in numerous decisions. These can be somewhat as small as choosing what is important, as seen through political debates where readers form opinions through what is presented by news corporations. Media outlets incorporate news values and certain elements to create a news worthy story. Each country reports news in different ways, which can be influenced by their history and ideologies. However, when…

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  • Telepathic Characters In The Book Thief By Joseph

    We may not be driven enough to break down all of the language and religious barriers, but it is possible. When it comes to the mind and telepathy it is impossible for our brains accomplish. So, for our time we are “full humans”, unlike her comment suggests. Throughout the novel, the Sealand woman’s statements conflicted and caused her to become a “semi-hypocrite.” As mentioned in the previous text the Sealand woman calls us “ingenious half humans…” Later in the novel she talks about how each…

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  • Women's Enfranchisement

    Amongst the organisations advocating for women’s enfranchisement, another with prominence was the Dunedin Tailoresses Union [DTU] formed in 1889. The depressed economic situation in New Zealand during the 1880s led to “sweated labour.” Men and women alike worked for long hours and low wages in overcrowded conditions. Factory worker Miss M recalls “I made 12s 6d one week, but that meant working till three o’clock some mornings… and on Sunday, too” (Paul, 1910, as cited in Dalley & Robertson,…

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  • The Importance Of The Treaty Of Waitangi

    Māori culture has remained a huge part throughout my upbringing. I have been able to recognise the importance which has been encouraged throughout my studies, more now than ever. The role I will play as a treaty partner approaches the importance of having familiarity of New Zealand history alongside skills (Lang, 2002) essential to have an effective outcome in my practice as an Early Childhood Educator. To achieve a positive outcome in my practice I will educate myself with the significant…

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