Gerard Personality

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Throughout history of mankind, people always look to others for guidance, wisdom and on some occasion for help. In most cases, this type of support usually comes from parents, siblings or close relatives. One of the most interesting person whom guidance, hope, and perseverance is mostly drawn from, is a phenomenal individual, named Gerard.
To introduce this person, one has to start from the beginning. He was born in the fifties. He was the eldest among his five siblings. Early in his life, he was shown to be adept at taking responsibility in helping managing family affairs especially in the area of finance which lead him to pursue an accounting degree and ultimately ended up working for the government. After a few years, he met his wife and
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He is also kind, gentle at time and not so much the talkative type. He enjoys reading, listening to classical music and on occasion opera. He loves his children and he was always strict with them especially in the academic aspect of their lives. He wanted them to be the epitome of success and that was his greatest expectation. He went to great length to provide all the academic support that he could afford to give to his children even when it was not necessary by his own admission. Getting to know him is a little bit tricky, for he always keep up that austere, stern façade to drive away people that he does not like. He maintains that his reason for doing so is to not to do favors for people, especially in his line of work. When asked to elaborate further, he acknowledged his years working as a comptroller, he witnessed grafting and many other illegal dealings involving coworkers and even government officials. His work ethic was diametrically opposed to those of his colleagues, and was able to command respect and admiration from his peers. He recalled that in many instances, when he was called upon to clean up the books and have the finance department in different cities in order. . He always believes that one’s action speak directly to one’s character, for he thinks social justice , respect for the rule of law ,and mutual trust, should be the driving factor for every human …show more content…
He couldn’t find words to accurately express his sentiments to that particular event for he believes that everything happened for a reason and that he is a small being in the grand scheme of the universe. He was resigned to living a life without his companion. Explaining on an ensuing interview, he shared that his wife was one of the most influential person in his life, and that he is mourning her absence to this day.
One important lesson he gave from this interview was to be honest, studious, and that someday one will be rewarded. He applied all those qualities throughout his life and despite all the adverse events that had occurred, he never deviated from this belief. This is really important for others to know for it could solve a lot of different problems especially for those who believe and think that everything should be handed to them. People should be able to work to accomplish their goals and set great examples for future generation to follow.
Another important aspect gleaned from that interview, he maintains that having strong family relationship helped him stay grounded on what’s important in life. He believes that family should be a safety net, a place where learning about life should take place so to avoid many mistakes that are plaguing youth

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