Pop Art Movement

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Pop Art was a movement that started out in Britain during the 1950’s and ended at the beginning of the 1970’s. It was a form of art that challenged the traditional views of fine art by placing a new modern spin on things. Pop Art placed modern things and people from that time period into pieces of art that were considered non-traditional. Many artists used household items and celebrities in an abstract way to draw attention to their work. Many believe that in doing so, Pop Art helped to introduce art back into everyday American life. There were several artists that became well known through their work as artists during that time. However, many usually do not think of Richard Hamilton. He is said to be the first …show more content…
Unlike Worhol and Lichtenstein, he used more common objects such as bagels fans, and hamburgers for inspiration. Oldenburg created a series of presentations involving sound, movement, objects, and people. For some of his pieces Oldenburg created giant objects made of cloth stuffed with paper or rags. By taking such common objects and displaying them in such an usual context Oldenburg influence viewers to reassess their lives and the everyday world around them. Some would say that he felt that art should relate to the world around us. He enjoyed making a variety or art including drawing, painting, film, soft sculpture, and large scale sculptures. Pop Art introduced the modern world into a new era of art. By taking traditional and everyday people and things and changing the context and view we now look at what could be. How these ordinary things can be seen as masterpieces just as grand as the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci or Vincent Van Gogh 's “Bedroom in Arles.” Many say that the legends of Pop Art took abstract art to the next level and gave an interest in art back to the American people. It has encouraged the artists of today to see the beauty in art in the most unexpected places and viewers to be more interested their points of

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