Montana Meth Project

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  • Montana Meth Advertisement Analysis

    from the Montana Meth Project. The Montana Meth Project fights against meth use in the state of Montana. They have made many ads intended to educate and dissuade teens and young adults thinking about using meth. One such commercial, entitled Jessica, features multiple settings with a voiceover telling a story of a girl and her experiences in each place. Starting with a high school football stadium detailing how the protagonist used to be a cheerleader then leading the viewer down her dark path of meth addiction in various dark…

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  • Conquering Meth Addiction Summary

    “Conquering Meth Addiction: Carren Clem’s Story: How One Young Woman Fought Her Way Back from Meth Addiction to Become a Mom and Help At-Risk Teens.” WebMD Magazine, 28 May 2010, conquering-meth-addiction-carren-clems-story?page=2 Fight the Dragon Michael W. Smith, M.D. wrote an article documenting an interview with Carren Clem and published the article on WebMD. In his article, Carren Clem, recovering Meth addict and contributor to The…

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  • Assiniboine Chief Before And After Civilization Analysis

    In the painting, “Assiniboine Chief before and after Civilization” by George Catlin, it illustrated the tragic differences and the conflicts amongst the Native Americans and the white people. In the painting it shows two men dressed in different clothing on different sides of the painting. As you look closely you can tell that the two men are actually just one person. That mysterious man is an assiniboine chief. Located on the left side of the painting, the chief stands so great and proud. He…

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  • Essay On Yellowstone National Park

    Preservation of the Earth’s land became a developing idea throughout the 1800s. The thought of upholding the natural beauty and resources of the land was sparked through the establishment of Yellowstone National Park within the American West. These new desires had a lasting impact upon the humans and the environment one lived in. In order to achieve these ideas, many barriers had to be overcome to create a system of protecting land and establishing National Parks. Yellowstone National Park was…

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  • Reflection On Social Working With Clients

    Upon first meeting my client, “John Littlebear”, which is not his real name, but I will call him that due to patient privacy laws, I noticed that he had Tribal Insurance, which meant he was from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, Montana. Therefore, I made sure I familiarized myself with the Blackfeet tribal customs before he arrived at the Sleep Center, ensuring I increased my cultural competency (Comstock et al., 2008). With this in mind, in order for social workers to effectively…

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  • Blackfeet Nation Culture

    Blackfeet Nation Cultural Paper “The Blackfeet people have occupied the Rocky Mountain region for more than 10,000 years” (Blackfeet Nation, n.d.) The historical structure of the Blackfeet Nation was forever altered by the colonization of the European settlers. Thus the modern structure can never emulate what once was. However, the Tribal council does it’s best to preserve and continue the cultural traditions today. It is on the reservation that the preservation of the Blackfeet…

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  • Fast Food Nation Case Study

    Fast Food Nation Assignment # Level Page Question Answer 1 5 1-2 Analyze and judge the meaning of the Cheyenne Mountains? Schlosser describes the Cheyenne Mountains similar to a precious baby. The mountains have a beauty to them that can not be found otherwise. However, the vast mountains maybe beautiful, but inside includes a military base. This is comparable to a fast food chain. One obtains food. Although it seems that the person benefited from the calories, these calories include sugars…

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  • Glenda Riley's The Female Frontier

    The novel The Female Frontier: A Comparative View of Women on the Prairie and the Plains was written by Glenda Riley. Riley was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1938 and gained her Ph.D. from Ohio State University in 1968. After she received her Ph.D. she went on to acquire he first teaching position at Northern Iowa University, where she held this position for 21 years. She also founded the University of Northern Iowa’s Women’s Studies Program. This wide range of knowledge on this particular subject,…

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  • Essay On Bear Management

    Bear Management in Montana Forests Those who live in Montana coexist with a vast array of wildlife. One of the most spectacular and intimidating species that can be encountered is the North American Black and Grizzly Bear. Not only are they a species that can be appreciated for their powerful beauty, but they contribute much to the ecosystem as well. Some of their ecological roles include being seed dispensers and nutrient providers ("Black Bear Biology," 2016.) The berries the bears’ consume…

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  • Blackfeet Tribe

    In 2010 the federal lawsuit filed was finally settled. The Blackfeet Native American 's tribe was finally awarded the money that they were promised years ago, even though the Native Americans deserved more. Elouise Cobell, who is a member of the Blackfeet tribe and is the founder of the Blackfeet National Bank, filed a lawsuit in 1996 that would eventually force the United States Department of Interior to provide the Blackfeet tribe with the money that was due centuries ago. Ms. Cobell was tired…

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