Blackfeet Nation Culture

Blackfeet Nation Cultural Paper “The Blackfeet people have occupied the Rocky Mountain region for more than 10,000 years” (Blackfeet Nation, n.d.) The historical structure of the Blackfeet Nation was forever altered by the colonization of the European settlers. Thus the modern structure can never emulate what once was. However, the Tribal council does it’s best to preserve and continue the cultural traditions today. It is on the reservation that the preservation of the Blackfeet Nation thrives and flourishes. I anticipate that through this paper one will gain an understanding of the social historical perspective, cultural competition, adaption and contributions of this resilient and courageous people. …show more content…
Culturally the Americans and Blackfeet where so different in their viewpoints. Blackfeet People belong to the land, they are the land. Therefore they believe that they are not owners of the land but care takers of it. In contrast the American’s believed the land belonged to them. They would stake their claims and begin trapping without even offering anything to the Natives. This did not settle well and was considered very rude. After a while the trappers began to trade with the Natives. Even then they were not well liked because of their attitude of entitlement to a land that did not belong to …show more content…
An attempt was made by the US government to force all Natives to assimilate. Blackfeet was no exception to the rule and they too suffered at the hands of the boarding schools. Holy Family Mission served for a period of fifty years they attempted to civilize them. “In this way, the policy makers believed, young people would be immersed in the values and practical knowledge of the dominant American society.” (Zitkala-Sa, n.d.) Thus, stripping them of their culture, language, and traditional ways. It did forever change them but it did not eradicate the culture all together.
The legacy of the Blackfeet lies within the heart of those who wish to preserve it. Preserved through art and crafts that are purchased for personal enjoyment. Items such as the dream catcher, moccasins, and traditional jewelry are some examples. For those who wish to embark on it, they can meditate to flute music, ancient chants and drums. Blackfeet are just one tribe that has left its mark on the fabric of American culture. That being said when you think of the Blackfeet, think of red for the people, black for the scorched earth that the people crossed to be where they are today. Think of yellow for the plains, green for the mother earth and blue for the creator because the skies are blue. These are the Blackfeet

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