Montezuma Castle National Monument

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  • The Sedona Culture

    today later, first circle back to 650 A.D., when the Sinagua people entered the Verde Valley. To place 650 A.D. in historical perceptive, the Muslim conquests to unify Arabia under the Prophet Muhammad started around 622. These conquests brought an end to the Byzantine Empire, which itself comprised the eastern remnants of the Roman Empire. So yes, we’re talking a long, long time ago. The Sinagua culture is known for its art--petroglyphs, pottery and basketry--as well as its masonry. Midway between Phoenix and Sedona, we stop at the Montezuma Castle. The Castle is one of the best-preserved cliff dwellings in North America. My wife compared it to a pre-historic high-rise: five-stories of stone and mortar that contain 20 rooms and once housed up to 60 people, all tucked into the crevasses of an imposing limestone cliff. It was occupied starting around 1100 AD, and later, on December 8, 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt declared it among our first National…

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  • Trail Descriptive Writing

    I’m bathed in neon, green spilling through the leaves above my head. The color comes not from lights or signs but from sunlight pouring its hot rays down upon the Canadian forest. I’m sweating, beads of liquid streaking down my dirty face. Every other second I hear the buzz of incoming mosquitos like tiny fighter jets preparing for an airstrike, thrumming. The trail beneath my damp sneakers is compact despite the previous days’ rains. My watch beeps, and I fish it out of my breast pocket…

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  • Chauncey Neboyia

    This report follows the lives of a Navajo family, Chauncey and Dorothy Neboyia. Chauncey Neboyia is from the To 'aheedliinii clan, while Dorothy Neboyia is from the Ta 'neezhaanii clan. The Neboyia 's have a belief that the earth is their mother. The earth will give them what they need to survive, which becomes their bodies. It is said that the earth, wind, and water have particular offerings to give to them and the animals. The earth, wind, and water sustain each other as well as other living…

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  • General Custer's Ethical Leadership

    Synthesis Essay – General George A. Custer MSgt Andrew F. Stokes Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy General George A. Custer When we talk about General George A. Custer you may fail to realize that he was a murderer of innocent men, women and children and how his failed leadership led to his death. In this paper you will see that General Custer is not an Ethical nor Visionary Leader. First you will see that his failed visionary ability, through the lack of…

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  • Grand Canyon Essay

    90% of all people who visit the Grand Canyon often visit the South Rim. While the north Rim is 250 miles away and is more remote. The Grand Canyon has many artificial lakes formed from the dams on the Salt and Colorado rivers. The park protects many animals and geological evidence from the rock layers. One quarter of the Grand Canyon is occupied by the Indians, the most in any state, by far. Some of the tribes consists of the Navajo, Apache, Hopi. The canyon has a few national monuments,…

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  • Theodore Roosevelt's Achievements

    He also wanted to save land for animals to run free on. He decide to triple the amount of land in the reserves. He had many national parks such as Greater Lake in Oregon, Crater Lake, Wind Cave, Sullys Hill, Platt National Park, Mesa Verde, and Yosemite National Park. He also had 18 National Monuments, such as Devil’s Tower, El Morro, Montezuma Castle, Petrified Forest, Chaco Canyon, Lassen Peak, Cinder Cone, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Tonto, Muir Woods, Grand Canyon, Pinnacles, Jewel Cave, Natural…

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