Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

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  • General Custer's Ethical Leadership

    Due to my experience I was moved into a Senior Master Sergeant Position in my work-center. During the first two month’s it was very difficult for me to supervise six different nationalities, all the same rank as me. At first I wanted to put them all on the same standards as the Air Force, trying to instill our core value. My actions, decisions and behaviors created a non-effective inclusive environment, like that of General Custer just prior to his Battle at Little Bighorn. The moral of my section lowered because I started using the U.S. personnel more, not giving equal responsibility to all; contributing to an increase in aircraft documentation errors. My German Captain sat me down and discussed this, trying to help the situation. Had I known this earlier I could have changed my approach and focused more on the individualized consideration of the other nationalities, maybe creating an inclusive…

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  • Tashunka Witko Crazy Horse Analysis

    Tashunka Witko, better regarded by his anglicized name, “Crazy Horse”, was a Lakota warrior instrumental in the defeat of General Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn. “Tashunka Witko” directly translates to “His-Horse-Is-Crazy”, but does not ring a bell as proficiently as the name “Crazy Horse." Furthermore, this Lakota Warrior was bestowed with the name “Crazy Horse” after he displayed himself as a competent warrior, and was born with a different name: “In the Wilderness.” In fact, the…

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  • Crazy Horse: Fallen Chief

    that his eyes were restless, with a wandering gaze which rarely focused at another person. Crazy Horse was simple and uncomplicated. He never wore a war bonnet or any other intricate decorations that were so typical of other Natives peoples of the Great Plains. He always dressed the same for combat wearing a cotton shirt and breeched clout, discarding his fringed leggings. He received his spirit powers from the “Winged Beings, a spotted Eagle,” who had instructed him to wear a single feather…

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  • Crazy Horse: The Battle Of The Little Bighorn

    Crazy Horse attacked the general in Rosebud valley and forced the general to retreat. Later in summer of 1876, Crazy Horse merged his forces with Sitting Bull’s at Little Bighorn River. At the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull defeated a battalion of soldiers George. A. Custer’s command. The Battle of the Little Bighorn made whites nervous about the Native Americans, so more of the army was sent in. Colonel Nelson A. Miles lead a campaign to force all Native Americans to…

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  • Sitting Bull: A Hero

    Sitting Bull was born sometime in 1831 in South Dakota and no one knows his birthday. When Sitting Bull was young, he looked up to his father and tried to to follow his footsteps but he lacked in his skills and was called slow. However, as Sitting Bull got older he got smarter and more capable. Sitting Bull is an important historical figure because he was a hero, he defended his land and he honoured his culture. Sitting Bull was a hero to his people. Sitting Bull was 14 when he first went to…

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  • Essay On Chief Red Cloud

    the Indians attacked trespassers and further violence ensued. After the Red Cloud war Chief Red Cloud bounced all over the place. In 1870 Red Cloud traveled to Washington, D.C., to lobby for Native American rights he attended a special reception and traveled to New York. When Red Cloud went to New York he delivered great eloquence and diplomatic skills, but he could do little to preserve his lands in face of greed over gold. Once the precious metal was found in the hills of the Sioux they were…

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  • The Lone Ranger And Tonto Analysis

    In The Lone Ranger and Tonto and “How to Write the Great American Indian Novel” by Sherman Alexie, reservation realism is portrayed through continuous references of Native American conflict. In The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Thomas-Builds-the-Fire was arrested for detaining the reservation postmaster, Eve Ford. Several years later, the case goes to trial and the Bureau of Indian affairs grants Thomas an opportunity to give his testimony. During the trial, Alexie mentions Eve Ford sitting among the…

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  • Bobby John: A Short Story

    faith that ensures their success when they meet the enemy. Today, gentlemen, we meet the enemy.” “I just hope we all come home from the war” I added. “There's the glory of Heaven awaiting us if we don't”, he replied. “The glory of Heaven is the reward for giving our souls to the Lord, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins so many years ago on the cross. He paid the price for all of us so we could join him and rejoice in the world beyond that lies waiting for us. Hallelujah, gentlemen,…

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  • Apache Kid Research Paper

    The Apache Kid was one of the most notorious and fiercest Apache outlaw in the Wild West. He is a White Mountain Apache, later became a renegade. He was most active in the states of Arizona and New Mexico and the Mexican states of Sonora and Chihuahua. Named Haskay-Bay-Nay-Natyl, the Apache Kid got his name due to wrong pronunciation of his name. He was recruited to the U.S Cavalry as Scout to fight his fellow Apache. Then after two years promoted to a sergeant. In his early days, he was…

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  • Tribe Chief: Sitting Bull's Tribe Chief

    Do you know whose name was originally jumping badger. Sitting Bull name was originally jumping badger.Sitting Bull was a tribe chief. He was a holy man . He fought to protect his tribe. Sitting Bull has been credited for several acts of bravery in his lifetime . According to (Bio.) Sitting Bull was born in 1831 in what now is called south carolina Near the yellowstone river. In addition sitting bull loved making bows and arrows. He hunted Buffalo,Rabbits and Birds.His father was known as…

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