Grand Canyon Essay

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Register to read the introduction… 90% of all people who visit the Grand Canyon often visit the South Rim. While the north Rim is 250 miles away and is more remote. The Grand Canyon has many artificial lakes formed from the dams on the Salt and Colorado rivers. The park protects many animals and geological evidence from the rock layers.

One quarter of the Grand Canyon is occupied by the Indians, the most in any state, by far. Some of the tribes consists of the Navajo, Apache, Hopi. The canyon has a few national monuments, such as the Montezuma Castle, Walnut Canyon, and Wupatki. The park is one of the worlds most natural wonders to see. In 1908 the park was founded as the a monument by Theodore Roosevelt and later in 1919 the Grand Canyon finally became a national park. The park contains over 1.2 million acres to reserve the wondrous caves and valleys as well as the landscape and animal life.

The Grand Canyons landscape is not as grand as the name. The park is mostly a desert environment and lacks green vegetation. However the lack of the plants doesn’t discourage any geologists. The rock layers at the park show little signs of wearing out. Most of the layers have been preserved, no where else on the Earth displays so many different layers of the earths
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Access by vehicle is possible along a bumpy and unpaved track, it ends on a beach with sand dunes, and has camping ground for you and your family to rough it for a few days. The park has much to do for all sorts of people if you feel like taking a day trip to see the beautiful scenery and go bird watching to hiking and camping, roughing it for a week or two. The Grand Canyon has it.

If you like to hike, you can hike the Bright Angel Trail which begins near the main visitors complex and reaches to the Colorado river . This is trail is 8.5 miles long and is the most popular among the hikers, and is the “easiest” trail by far, although most of all the hikers turn around about half way through.

Another trail to be hiked is the South Kaibab Trail located on the South Rim, this trail is the least traveled of the two because of the steepness of the trail, exposure to the sun and lack of water the South Kaibab trail is more difficult and strenuous then the Bright Angel Trail, it is offered to the more advanced hikers, but park rangers still caution the hikers of the difficulties that can happen along the trail. If you have never hiked before and would like to there is the easy Rim Trial through the canyon rim, there you can see historical hotels, gift shops, and museums dating back to the early 1900’s. If you want to something more rustic, there is the popular mule rides and rafting trips for you and

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