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  • Blackfeet Tribe

    federal lawsuit filed was finally settled. The Blackfeet Native American 's tribe was finally awarded the money that they were promised years ago, even though the Native Americans deserved more. Elouise Cobell, who is a member of the Blackfeet tribe and is the founder of the Blackfeet National Bank, filed a lawsuit in 1996 that would eventually force the United States Department of Interior to provide the Blackfeet tribe with the money that was due centuries ago. Ms. Cobell was tired of the answers that she would receive from the federal government about the Indian Trust Fund, which was established in the late nineteenth century in order to manage the Native Americans ' land (Bissell Brown & Shannon, 2016). With that said, the Blackfeet…

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  • Blackfeet Nation Culture

    Blackfeet Nation Cultural Paper “The Blackfeet people have occupied the Rocky Mountain region for more than 10,000 years” (Blackfeet Nation, n.d.) The historical structure of the Blackfeet Nation was forever altered by the colonization of the European settlers. Thus the modern structure can never emulate what once was. However, the Tribal council does it’s best to preserve and continue the cultural traditions today. It is on the reservation that the preservation of the Blackfeet…

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  • Reflection On Social Working With Clients

    Upon first meeting my client, “John Littlebear”, which is not his real name, but I will call him that due to patient privacy laws, I noticed that he had Tribal Insurance, which meant he was from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, Montana. Therefore, I made sure I familiarized myself with the Blackfeet tribal customs before he arrived at the Sleep Center, ensuring I increased my cultural competency (Comstock et al., 2008). With this in mind, in order for social workers to effectively…

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  • The Blackfoot Tribe In Everyday Life

    simple geometric designs colored with earth pigments. In the freezing winter additional sleeves were attached to the dressers. The women also wore their hair loose or in two thick braids in their daily lives. Once white settlers came to town, they adopted the use of wool and cloth to make an abundant amount of their garments. The men dressed as well, but they wore simpler clothing. Men wore buckskin tunics and breechcloth with leggings made from antelope, with hair in three braids in a topknot…

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  • Winter In The Blood Character Analysis

    In James Welch’s Winter in the Blood we follow an unnamed protagonist and his return to a reservation in Montana that had been taken over by white colonizers putting a strain on his own self-identity. The experiences that the protagonist is faced with throughout the novel take a toll on the relationships around him, especially with women. Early in the novel we find out that our protagonist has a feeling of displacement, which is an emotion coming from within him. This essay will examine the…

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  • Cultural Values And Unique Aspects Of The Blackfoot Tribe

    The Blackfoot language is essentially composed of timeless verbs usually in present tense (Briggeman "Keeping a Language Alive"). The use of timeless verbs is also used to bring objects to life, in the Blackfoot language “everything you see, everything you look at, everything you sense is described via the language as an action. State of being and state of action, nothing is stationary, nothing is inanimate, nothing is dead but everything is alive” (Brown "Revitalizing the Blackfeet Language in…

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  • John Colter's Race For Life

    enable him to survive. John Colter’s bravery and confidence are the characteristics that save his life. Colter works for a greedy man named Manuel Lisa, who is itching to trade with the Blackfeet. Colter…

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  • Coyote Finishes His Work Analysis

    Each one has a main Master that has the power to do astonishing things. For example, the Creator chooses his own creation. In “The Blackfeet Genesis”, the Old Man is the God of the myth. He has the potent to move and create new plains and mountains, “as he went, putting rivers here and there, … -fixing up the world as we see it today.” In “Coyote Finishes His Work”, a coyote “made the Indians, and put them out in tribes all over the world because Old Man Above wanted the earth to be inhabited…

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  • Great Explorations: The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    journey they went up stream through the Mississippi. If that wasn't bad enough, they also had to deal with bad weather. From What obstacles did Lewis and Clark’s expedition face Brian Gabriel said“Lewis and Clark's Expedition had to deal with thunderstorms, extreme heat and cold temperatures, hail storms and dust clouds.”.This is not all, they also had to deal with bugs. The worst of all was mosquitos they stung anywhere, especially the face. They also had to deal with native…

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  • Lewis And Clark Expeditions: The Lewis And Clark Historic Trail

    explore more of the Louisiana Territory. Lewis and nine men explored the Maria’s River to the north, while Clark and the others headed for the Yellowstone River in the south ("About Lewis & Clark Historic Trail."). On July 3, Lewis and his group left camp, crossing the Continental Divide and descended from the mountains near the Great Falls. He ordered his men to portage the supplies around the waterfalls, while he and three men went off to explore the Maria’s River. The Maria’s River was…

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