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  • Hebrews Views: Passage Analysis

    this and does not contradict itself. Having said this, I’ve always tried to live my life as though I could. Not out of fear, but out of simple appreciation for the gift of salvation and that I don’t want to do anything to hinder that relationship between Christ and myself. View two believes this passage was written to believers and is a discussion about their works and rewards. The view argues that v4 and v5 describe believers and as Dr. Toussaint says, “If I only had Heb 6:4-5, and no other passages around, and I didn’t have the rest of the book, I’d say these are believers.” However, Dr. Toussaint parallels this passage with Heb 10:29 where it uses the word “trample” is the verb enubrizo, which means to insult or the same thing as blasphemy of the Spirit. Dr. Toussaint says he can “hardly see this is the sin of a believer.” However, those that hold to view two, use v7 and v8 to describe the believer who in parallel with a garden, indicating that they received rain but did not work [till] the garden and therefore it yielded thorns and thistles and became “worthless and close to being cursed, and it ends up being burned.” View two is similar to view one in that it believes if a Christian does not “bring forth vegetation” [i.e. works], they will not receive the blessing from God and risk falling into apostasy. I’ll again defend my rejection for this view by stating that I do not believe a Christian can lose their salvation. However, I do believe that a Christian…

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  • Animal Farm Hate Speech Analysis

    Hate speech in “Animal farm” and “Priscilla the Cambodian” Hate speech is used as one of the apparatuses employed both in “Animal farm” by George Orwell and “Pricilla the Cambodian” by Rattawut Lapcharoensap. Although it occurs in different circumstances and contexts, the two stories share some ideas in common which significantly reflect the act of their characters as well as the societies, which will be explained further. Hate speech is one of the communication methods being used to attack a…

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  • Blasphemy In The 16th Century

    What I think it means to have a belief is to have a conscience feeling pulling you towards a specific devotion. The conscious agent, whether it is good or evil, is a force that an individual feels inclined to answer too. In regards to this specific case it is crucial to think historically because the act of blasphemy was so shunned in the 16th century. Whereas presently people are more free in their thoughts and religious beliefs. The believer should be allowed to follow an instinct or…

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  • Blasphemy In The Great Gatsby

    have spent my life judging the distance between American reality and the American dream." -Bruce Springsteen. F. Scott Fitzgerald even brilliantly combines the golden age and bible teachings to portray this message that, the American Dream of getting rich is far from the reality of how people actually get rich, in his novel The Great Gatsby. But Unfortunately as the story goes on, we begin to see that F. Scott Fitzgerald commits blasphemy and compares one of his deceitful characters to Jesus…

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  • Blasphemy Law In Pakistan

    “Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence to (a) God(s), to religious or holy persons or sacred things, or toward something considered sacred or inviolable” This is morally wrong and is legally punishable under blasphemy laws. However due to the non-uniformity of their application, limitations on basic Human rights like freedom of thought, conscience and freedom of expression, blasphemy law has had a longstanding contentious history. There has been a great…

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  • Acts 9: 1-6: Saul's Ultimate Blasphemy

    Saul, who would later become known as Paul after his radical conversion to Christ, was a man who represented the most extreme pathway towards Christianity one could take. A highly educated Jewish religious leader, Saul hunted down and persecuted Christians for what he believed to be ultimate blasphemy. Saul experienced an incredible interruption on his mission to eliminate Christians. In Acts 9:1-6, Jesus himself appeared in a bright light, and commanded Saul to turn from his ways and follow…

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  • Salman Taseer Case Study

    bodyguard in broad daylight. Taseer was governor of the politically-influential Punjab province of the South Asian country, when Mumtaz Qadri showered him with bullets. According to Qadri, he had murdered Taseer for the governor's opposition to blasphemy laws in relation to the Christian woman Asia Bibi's case, who had been sentenced to death by a Pakistani court in 2010 for desecrating the Quran. The Pakistani civil society condemned Taseer's cold-blooded murder and demanded that Qadri be sent…

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  • Kevin Swander's Essay: The Rules Of Pakistani Women

    remains a male dominated society where women still struggle to achieve basic rights”(36). Thus, Pakistan doesn’t live up to their constitution. To illustrate, take for example the blasphemy law of the constitution that wasn’t ignored. Consider the case of Asia Bibi. Asia Bibi was charged with blasphemy and in turn was incarcerated. This happened because during a discussion with her co-workers, Bibi professed her belief in Christianity. Being in the company of those who believe in Islam, she was…

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  • The Brothers Grimm Tales

    the research and writing of their stories during the Romantic period, “a movement in the arts that favored a return to nature and a greater focus on national culture, especially folk tales” (Brothers Grimm Biography). During this period of time, the Brothers did a lot of research into the past culture of their own country, Germany (Brothers Grimm Biography). One of the earliest influences on the culture of Germany was from Goethe who was an author of literature at the time (Brians). As Brent…

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  • Free Speech Essay

    preventing demoralization entirely. Living in a refined and complete society is solely on the basis that humanity has the right to freedom of speech to express new and improved ideas therefore creating the most cultivated democratic societies. The right to free speech should be of up most importance due to the fact that it is the fundamental aspect to a complete and equal society. In this essay will argue for the complete right to free speech. With the right to free speech come blasphemy…

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