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  • Ponyboy's P. O. V.: A Short Story

    *** Ponyboy's P.O.V.*** The best thing about being in a gang like ours, is you get to know each other real well. Sometimes too well. Like what annoys each other. Since we we're so close we hardly ever fight with each other. Today was of those day however, where we didn't get along. I'm not sure how it started really. Things had been alright, then suddenly turned bad and got worse. It had been a normal Sunday for the gang. Connie had gone off to church like she does every Sunday. She went to pray for her brother, her parents, and the gang. My family used to go with her and her family every Sunday before my parents died. I liked listening to the sermons, but nowadays we just didn't have time to go anymore. When Connie had come back, we had planned to play football in the lot like we do every weekend. Only today, we didn't have a football on account of Two-Bit kicking it over the fence and losing it. He said he would just swipe us another one from the discount store downtown, but as usual he had forgotten. That didn't matter though, because the weather was terrible. It was raining really hard,more of a downpour actually. This left all of us stuck inside the house with no way to blow off steam and on edge. Like I said earlier, I don't know how all of it started,but if I had to guess it would have to be with Soda and Steve. Soda and Steve had gotten into an argument over something stupid. I think it was over the cake. It may have seemed…

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  • I Am A Wom A Poem Analysis

    *** MAN When I was young, all I could think about was writing. I dreamt of nothing else. I had the youthful audacity to believe I could write like Proust or Hemingway. WOMAN Get over it. You can never be them. Instead, why can’t you be yourself? God knows many budding writers want to be like you. What’s more, the critics adore your narrative style. MAN Okay, you’re right. I’m just a bit nervous. What was I saying? Ah, I have it now. I thought the muse of creativity would stir in my soul.…

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  • 'The Damnation Of A Canyon'

    Your essay, “The Damnation of a Canyon” is a very descriptive and contains many scenes of awe. Whereas it lacks any logical reasons which would appeal to the audience you are trying to convince. The majority of your essay consists of vivid and beautiful imagery, and although it may seem tragic and heartbreaking to fellow nature lovers, your essay just stands as a plea with no advantage. Although we may have different opinions, you may want to hear us out because the dam was built by people of…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Perfect Pureblood Girl

    You were born into the most privileged of lives. A daughter of two wealthy Purebloods. You were their first child and, unless a boy came along, you would be their heir. It was your duty to be everything they needed from their child, to bring honor to your family name and to be the perfect Pureblood girl. That meant that you did as you were told without question, you never so much as looked at someone who was not Pure and you most certainly never let the outside world see a single flaw. At home…

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  • Animal Farm Hate Speech Analysis

    Hate speech in “Animal farm” and “Priscilla the Cambodian” Hate speech is used as one of the apparatuses employed both in “Animal farm” by George Orwell and “Pricilla the Cambodian” by Rattawut Lapcharoensap. Although it occurs in different circumstances and contexts, the two stories share some ideas in common which significantly reflect the act of their characters as well as the societies, which will be explained further. Hate speech is one of the communication methods being used to attack a…

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  • Commentary On The Odyssey

    The Odyssey: How Book 9 really happened Oh, silly Odysseus. Bragging, and Bragging about how he defeated the primitive Cyclops Polyphemus. Well, that isn’t fair, to hear only one side of the story. This is how it really happened. We, the Cyclopes, are known to be peaceful, unlike the barbaric men. They go to war, and don’t even trust themselves. They need laws, and rules. Bah! They wouldn’t need laws if they were naturally kind, but they go to wars, and they last for years. A woman, that is what…

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  • Examples Of Cruelty In Toni Morrison's Beloved

    Cruelty is the infliction of pain towards others and this can be through physical means or mental means. It is commonly used to show one’s superiority over another, or at times it could be perpetrated because one has lost themselves due to cruelty being inflicted on them. In many literary works, major social or political factors create a great deal of cruelty to be build up in an individual. In Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved, cruelty affected many lives deeply. Slavery is a cruel act that was…

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  • Boo Radley Father Figure

    An important character in many novels is the father figure. These figures are formative and shape the main character in how he or she develops throughout the story. Some can literally be the father and some can just be an influential man that lives down the block. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus is seen as a big father figure for Scout and Jem Throughout the entirety of the book. However, Boo Radley is left out of the picture.Throughout the whole book in Harper Lee’s To Kill a…

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  • Summary Of The Movie Damnation

    groups of people (Wang, Du, Su, Chen, 2012). This was portrayed in the movie DamNation (2014), in which dams were built to utilize the environmental resource of water, as a way to benefit humans. However, if individuals continuously overuse these natural resources for their self-interest, without its protection, the resources will eventually become damaged or depleted (Hardin, 1968). This situation can be described by Garrett Hardin (1968) as a tragedy of the commons. In this paper, it will be…

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  • Theme Of Damnation In Frankenstein

    hypocritical when speaking on the malignancy of the monster, as in many cases he himself exemplifies many of the characteristics that the creature posses such as both seek the destruction of the others as well as the damnation layer upon both for the nefarious actions committed. However, they are still quite different in that unlike Victor, the monster directly carried out many malicious attacks and in most cases taking pride in them, in addition to the was each of them assign blame as victor…

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