Winter In The Blood Character Analysis

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In James Welch’s Winter in the Blood we follow an unnamed protagonist and his return to a reservation in Montana that had been taken over by white colonizers putting a strain on his own self-identity. The experiences that the protagonist is faced with throughout the novel take a toll on the relationships around him, especially with women. Early in the novel we find out that our protagonist has a feeling of displacement, which is an emotion coming from within him. This essay will examine the influence women had on the protagonist throughout the novel and the significance they had on his relationships. The dysfunctional relationship between the protagonist and women is experienced at the very beginning of the book where the audience is introduced …show more content…
However, according to some reviews online some found the novel to be pointless and unworthy of being taught for educational purposes. Diane Sullivan posted this review on

Although it was a fairly ok read, I found myself confused and bored much of the book. which isn 't like me because I 'm an insatiable reader. I didn 't find the main character to be very deep, sensitive, or interested in his past, present or future, or in his effect on other people. He is emotionless and empty, but not in a way that people surviving tragedy often are. He just seems to exist. Some parts of the book would catch my interest for a page or two. Overall it was a beautifully written story about a person I couldn 't get interested in.

I agree when she mentions Welch can get a little dry (perhaps this is because I’m usually reading intense murder-mystery stories?) However, I strongly disagree when she says that the protagonist is an unemotional figure. Clearly we seen emptiness when it comes to maintaining a sensible relationship and it is mentally taking a toll on his character. Overcoming this struggle with his self-identity combined with his gained knowledge and understanding of his Blackfoot heritage helps our protagonist carry on the traits of a strong individual like both his mother and

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