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  • Reflective Essay: Moving To A New Culture

    people who move completely to a strange country, especially when there is a language barrier. The reason why it was difficult the cultural thing in America, learning the new language, learn how you can travel from place to place not knowing people around you was very difficult to handle. Especially where I grow up everyone knows each other we all one community. To come from that culture back ground and to see how in America is very hard for us. Eventually we kind of understand and get used to it. When I left my friends and my extended family back in Eritrea in 1997 and moved to the United States. The first year was the hardest time for me, I missed everything that…

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  • Manifest And Latent Function Of Artprize

    possible to examine Artprize with regard to what it was intended and recognized as, but also how it expresses hidden meanings that often go unnoticed. Understanding the manifest function is the first step to examining Artprize in terms of the present versus unrecognized meanings. As a whole, Artprize can be seen as an event that is intended to bring nothing but an enjoyable collective experience for everyone. Every year, tons of artists join this large and celebrated event in which they put…

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  • What Is Community College Essay

    Community colleges. Although many people believe that community colleges is not a real college, I disagree with this. Community college is same as university, because you have the same education. Many people get the wrong impressions of how community college is. My whole family went to community college, and they have a decent job. Community college are just as good as other big universities. We need to change this culture that thinks community colleges are not like universities. This…

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  • Future Goals Research Paper

    Wilmington, North Carolina, then raised all over Brunswick County, from Leland to Ash. This is my second year attending Brunswick Community College. My long term educational goal is to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition or Psychology. I haven’t decided which one I enjoy best at the moment. I plan on getting my Bachelor’s degree at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. But first, I am finishing up getting my Associate in Arts degree at Brunswick Community College. Then I will transfer…

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  • Free Community College

    Despite the money families could save by sending their children to community college for free, making community college free would cause an even greater debt for the United States and higher taxes for all citizens. Over a 10 year period, President Obama’s plan for free community college is approximated to yield over 60 billion dollars(McClean). In other words, the United States’ accumulating debt would have a significantly larger amount added to it. Since 1776, the United States has been…

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  • Gender Wage Gap Essay

    study by Andrew M. Gill and Duane E. Leigh (2000), seeks to determine if the individual category of two-year community college contributes to the gender wage-gap. They collected data from National Longitudinal Study of Youth and compared the change in the wage-gap between 1985 and 1990 with that of the period between 1989 and 1994. Using a decomposition strategy, Gill and Leigh (2000) manage to divide their data into observable effects and unobservable effects on the wage-gap. In the beginning…

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  • Essay On Rising Cost Of Tuition

    For the past few decades, college expenses have been rising at a rate of roughly 7% each year since the 1970 's, which is almost three times the rate of inflation. Since 1985, the overall consumer price index has risen 115% while the college education inflation rate has risen nearly 500%. Annual incomes have not been enough to get students through college leaving many students deep in debt of up to tens of thousands of dollars with no way out. The rising of tuition effects current students…

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  • Socialization In College

    Did you know some community colleges are free? Community colleges and private colleges are not the same. Private colleges are much harder to get accepted into and can give a degree up to a phD. On the other hand, community colleges are much easier to get accepted into and offer up to a masters degree. Though others may believe that there are many jobs without a college degree required, those employments offer no more than $70,000 a year, which may be good but sadly is not enough for some people.…

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  • Argumentative Essay: High Cost Of College

    success,’ he said” (Baskin Obama pushes free, two-year college plan at Michigan speech) Many of todays significant leaders have expansive college degrees in business and politics, but for many this is out of reach. Todays cost of a college degree stands at $137,000 a premium price for such a standard necessity. So how in one of the worlds most privileged and advanced nations do graduated students accumulate over one trillion dollars in debt. The answer is not that he or she is irresponsible, but…

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  • Free College Essay: Should College Be Free?

    A huge debate that is always under discussion is free college, whether a family can afford it or not. Many people would be able to benefit from this, in cases where everyone can attain their goals. Also most people would be able to believe in themselves, and know they are capable of achieving more than they believe they can. Jamal Eric Watson author of the academic journal article “A Bold Promise” states, “As the cost of a college education continues to rise, Haslam’s legislation has generated…

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