It's Time To Pursue A College Education

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Having your college education taken away from you is like striping away your future. Students in the United States should not have their education and future striped away from them therefore, community colleges must be free to attend and state colleges need to lower their tuition in order for student to continue their education. For those who are interested in continuing their education, could benefit from this, they can become successful and live a better life. They wouldn’t have to worry about loans they have to pay off, and they won’t feel the need to dropout the minute they feel that it’s becoming too much. There is an article that states that “The Educational Policy Institution conducted a study of college affordability and the United …show more content…
Without it, it is very difficult to live a peace full and worry free life. Restating the fact that “a four- year college degree has essentially replaced the high school as the necessary preparation for a career in the modern world” (Discoll). In addition a college degree raises the standards of living, it helps with getting a job that pays a better salary and in return it provides more tax revenue and personal fulfillment (Discoll), but how can a college degree be achieved if the tuition is just too high for students? It is true that there are scholarships, but the chances of getting one are slim to none due to the amount of applicants. There are many who don’t have what is needed to continue on to college, some can’t even get past high school. So how can they get the career they desire if they cannot even afford it or they are just not qualified? There was an article that was about the difference in the way eastern and western cultures tackle learning and in this article there was a graduate student from the University of Michigan his name is Jim Stigler and he is now a professor of psychology at UCLA, he had been to japan to do research on teaching methods and found out that there is a difference in the way they approach learning (Spiegel). In japan just like Stigler had said “ it’s just assumed that struggle is a predictable part of the learning process.” But here in the United states “ it is seen as an indicator that you’re just not very smart.”- Stigler (Spiegel). Colleges do exactly what Stigler had said in the article, they see our struggle as weakness. So because of those struggles, students are not able to get the education they need. Without this education they cannot move forward and have a successful life. Without a successful life it means that they did not make it to college because the tuition was too high or they could not keep up with the loans. And when they cannot keep

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