Free Education Benefits

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One of the main first world struggles of this decade is the cost of a higher education. The cost for college tuitions is quickly rising every year, therefore, people are less likely to strive for college due to cost. Unfortunately ordinary mundane jobs like McDonald’s or Pizza Hut are starting to requiring college education for more high paying positions. Even so, college enrollments are dropping 69% to 66% in 2008-2013 ( JP. “What are the odds of succeeding with a college degree?”). With all this it seems pretty evident that Free Education would be the very best option, but what are the effects of Free education on ourselves, the colleges, our communities, and the economy? It’s true that higher education has benefits on the individual, but with free education there can possibly be massive cons …show more content…
Now let 's say that education is 100% free, now the state has to pay over 40% more that it already does to fund public colleges. Sadly the state can only give so much and chances are it won’t be able to fill that margin. Colleges would have to provide less services to students like dorms and food, professors get paid much less, and updating textbooks every year would be nearly impossible. Our public schools are state and locally funded and they don’t get near enough money to get everything they need. Basically you just gave majority of colleges and universities the same quality and funding as the public school you’re in right now. The college would suffer dramatically. What about the student attending the college? Students would be most likely denied on the spot. Now that college is free everybody would rush to attend at the same time. With the state not being able to pay for all the dorms, textbooks, and classes, a lot of kids wouldn’t be able to attend. The most likely option the school would have to take is to only accept the very smartest and the richest. Grades determine how much funding a school gets, so if a student is

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