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  • Character Analysis: Cinema Paradiso And Life Is Beautiful

    Cinema Paradiso and Life is Beautiful In Life is Beautiful, Guido is a portrait of a very positive character, he celebrates the life with humor and laugh. Although, life comes with many turns and presents him with possibilities of happiness and sorrow, Guido always looks upon hope. He has moments of serendipity when he is mistakenly saluted as a king and he starts pretending that he is a prince. The incident happens when his car takes a wrong turn and overtakes the arrival of the royal king makes the commoners wave and give homage to Guido. Guido meets Dora at the first time when Dora falls from barn window into his lap and at the other chance Guido falls into Dora’s lap after Guido falls from his bicycle when the bicycle goes out of balance. Guido remembers about a wife who always throws key out of the window every time her husband calls for key and uses that as a supernatural sign to impress Dora that Guido is the man for her. Guido’s ingenuity and his right timing on occasions make Guido so convincing on his actions. Guido always solve questions that require answers and knows his way around. Guido always brings hope and genuinely believe that everything will be okay. At the first day in the concentration camp, Guido understands nothing about German language yet audaciously offers himself as a translator to translate a German officer about camp’s rules. So convincing for Joshua, his son to believe every word spoken by Guido. Guido does that to protect the innocence of…

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  • What Is Apollo And Diana Attack The Queen Of Thebes?

    of detail and lack of color. Usually referred to as atmospheric perspective, the objects at a distance appear as a single color because we have to look at those objects through the air that acts like a sheer veil. The artist also incorporates the art element of space through the size and overlapping of the bodies of several of Niobe’s children in the foreground. Viewers easily assume a shape that is lower on the canvas is an object that is closer. Both of these art elements imply depth in the…

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  • Conflicts In Harper Lee's Twelve Angry Men And To Kill A Mockingbird

    In most cases, people have the freedom of choice in their lives. and there are bountiful different obstacles that people have to overcome. In both Reginald Rose’s, Twelve Angry Men and Harper Lee’s, To Kill A Mockingbird, there were man vs society conflicts that brought many people to their breaking points. Both books had a strong emphasis on discrimination and prejudice. In Twelve Angry Men the jury was against the defendant for racist reasons just like the town was against Tom Robinson in the…

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  • My Observation Of School

    Part I - The Community and School Culture My school of choice to do my observation is Lorenzo de Zavala Elementary Science Environmental Academy located in Grand Prairie south of Interstate 20. Zavala sets on a land adjusted to Jackson Middle School. The school is directly impacted by residential houses and an open field. In the back of Zavala there is a garden and a greenhouse. Next to the garden there is a gated play area that has a basketball court for the public and remains open daily…

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  • Diageo Case Study

    1. What do you think about the capital structure policies Diageo has pursued in the past. Do they make sense? How does it compare to Diageo’s competitors’ policies? Which competitors would make for the best comparison? (40%) Diageo was formed from the merger of Grand Metropolitan plc and Guinness plc. Before the merge, both companies used little debt (based on the book D/E ratio and net debt to total capital in the table below) to finance themselves which helped them gain and maintain high…

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  • Sports Car The Vietnam Case Study Of Maserati Ghibli Vietnam

    Maserati Ghibli Vietnam (Review) Highlights: Maserati has been serving worldwide through the cars it produces in various segments like sports, luxury, SUV (Grand Tourer, Saloon and Sports Car) etc. The mission of this brand has always been to build ultra-luxury cars with a chunk of Italian style. Ghibli debuted for the first time in the year 1966 and was tagged on the 9th position on the list of Top Sports Cars of the 1960s, by American magazine 'Sports Car International '. With a glorious…

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  • The Awakening Critical Analysis

    Kate Chopin, in her short story The Awakening, vividly describes the timeline of Edna from her immediate arrival in New Orleans, to the beginnings of her culture shock and awakening, to her tragic suicide. Upon her arrival to Grand Isle Resort in New Orleans she meets Robert and Madame Ratignolle, both of whom take her breath away, or as the book puts it “left her stunned in amazement”. Compared to her life growing up in the slower small towns of Kentucky, the upbeat large city of New Orleans…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Sacrificial Love Of Jesus Christ

    writing. I thrived in Art, Art History, Ceramics, and all the required English literature courses. Algebra was the antithesis of these courses for me. I struggled in both Algebra courses, having to take one twice in order to pass. My favorite teacher and mentor was my Assistant JROTC Instructor, SMSgt Henley. He was an honorable man, an encourager, and a great example of everything I hoped to be as an educator. My desire to become a teacher stemmed from my love of literature and my desire…

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  • Technology And Police Brutality

    With the recent decisions to refrain from bringing charges, many have begun to question the whole grand jury system. This situation has caused certain “leaders in New York [to call] for special prosecutors, or the attorney general, to investigate all fatal encounters” (McKinley & Baker, n.d.). Legal experts have said that because the prosecutors select a “special grand jury to investigate police-related deaths, they insulate themselves from the final decision, while appearing to fulfill the…

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  • Personal Essay: Why Tennis Is The Best Sport

    Playing a sport can be one of the most entertaining pastimes for people. Sports can also get you scholarships in college if you play your cards right. Tennis can be a fun past time for anyone who wants to try a new sport. Tennis is the best sport that I have ever played. Tennis has so many reasons for being such an exhilarating, fun and social sport. These reasons are exercising, creating friends, playing on a marvelous and warm day, being competitive while having fun, and being able to play…

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